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13 Apr 07. Iraq: OP TELIC. A Kingsman (i.e. Private) from 2nd Bn The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment died on 1 Apr 07 from small arms fire while on patrol in Basrah City. (MoD, 2 Apr 07.) A Rifleman (i.e. Private) from 2nd Bn The Rifles died on 2 Apr 07 from small arms fire while on patrol near Basrah Palace. (MoD, 3 Apr 07.) Four personnel were killed following a bomb attack on their Warrior armoured vehicle on 5 Apr 07 West of Basrah City: a (female) Second Lieutenant from the Intelligence Corps, a Corporal and a (female) Private from the Royal Army Medical Corps and a Kingsman from 2nd Bn The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment. (MoD, 6 Apr 07.) UK deaths since the start of hostilities thus rose to 140 (six from natural causes, 39 accidentally, six from friendly fire and 89 killed in action). The Prime Minister welcomed the news that the eight Royal Navy and seven Royal Marines personnel detained by Iranian authorities since 23 Mar 07 were to be released. The 15 arrived at Heathrow at approximately 12.00hrs on 5 Apr 07 and were then flown by helicopter to RMB Chivenor. (MoD, 5 Apr 07.) A Press facility was held at Chivenor on 6 Apr 07. (MoD, 6 Apr 07.) The personnel involved were to be allowed to receive payment for media interviews. (MoD, 8 Apr 07.) The Defence Secretary promised “a review of the relevant regulations”. (MoD, 9 Apr 07.) The Defence Secretary gave a BBC interview in which he explained the background to the authority for payment for media interviews and his role in the affair. (MoD, 11 Apr 07.) The Defence Secretary is to make a [further] statement on Monday [16 Apr 07]. (MoD, 13 Apr 07.)
Comment: A military ‘nonsense’ was turned into a media circus by the Defence Secretary and the MoD. The Country has been humiliated and the Royal Navy made to look incompetent. The Defence Secretary’s Statement on Monday is therefore awaited with particular interest. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0715, 16 Apr 07)

13 Apr 07. Afghanistan: OP HERRICK. A soldier from 1st Bn The Royal Anglian Regiment was killed during an exchange of fire near Now Zad. (MoD, 13 Apr 07.) UK deaths since the start of Operations in November 2000 thus rose to 53 (22 accidentally and 31 killed in action). 42 Commando Battle Group was among the ISAF troops taking part in a major Operation (OP ACHILLES) in the Sangin area. The Estonian Armoured Infantry Company and Danish Recce Squadron formed part of the UK Task Force. (ISAF, 6 Apr 07 & MoD, 10 Apr 07.)
12 Mechanised Brigade took control of British Operations in Helmand Province, replacing 3 Commando Brigade. 12 Brigade’s three Battle Groups are supported by additional troops from Canada, Denmark and Estonia. (MoD, 12 Apr 07.)
Comment: Details of the units which deployed to Afghanistan with 12 Mechanised Brigade were listed with DNA 07/07 of 12 Feb 07. Provision of an additional 1,400 troops was announced on 26 Feb 07 and noted in DNA 07/10 of 5 Mar 07. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0715, 16 Apr 07)

16 Apr 07. Browne ‘sorry’ over crew stories. Mr Browne said the sale of stories had been allowed ‘in good faith’. Defence Secretary Des Browne has apologised for not blocking the sale of stories by sailors freed by Iran. He told MPs he “profoundly regretted” the “mistake” and any damage done to the reputation of UK armed forces. He announced an inquiry into the decision – and a separate probe into how the sailors came to be captured by Iran in the first place. But Liam Fox, for the Tories, said Mr Browne had “humiliated” the UK and his position was “becoming untenable”. In his statement, Mr Browne said there had been “no apology and no deal” with Iran to secure the release of the 15 personnel. (Source: BBC)

14 Apr 07. Vincent Tchenguiz links up with EADS for launch of €150m technology fund. Vincent Tchenguiz, the property entrepreneur-turned-technology investor, has teamed up with EADS, the European aerospace giant, to create a €150m (£102m) technology fund. Occam Capital

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