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Jul 06. NEW YAK-130 COMBAT TRAINER FROM IRKUT. The Yak-130 two-seat aircraft is developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau, a subsidiary of Irkut, highly experienced in development of training and combat aircraft. Designed for basic and advanced training, the Yak-130 can be used for delivering up to 80% of the skills required by the military pilot training program. This reduces the number of aircraft types required and the time the pilot needs for learning to fly other trainers. Also, this considerably simplifies pilot certification in combat aircraft control. Thus, top class pilots receive training at a minimal cost. The Yak-130 aircraft is a key component of the training aids suite which includes an integrated independent monitoring system, computer-furnished class rooms, navigational and special purpose simulators.

03 Jul 06. FLIR Systems, Inc. announced the introduction of a long-wave variant of its high-definition, multi-sensor thermal imaging system, the Star SAFIRE HD. Based on FLIR’s ground breaking Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) detector technology, the Star SAFIRE QWIP provides high-definition thermal imaging capability to those whose missions and operational environment require an imager sensitive to long-wave thermal energy. Like the Star SAFIRE HD, the Star SAFIRE QWIP provides high-definition 1280×720 resolution from all of its imaging sensors: infrared, daylight TV and low-light image intensifier. The QWIP’s long-wave thermal imager provides crisp, fully digital SMPTE-292M imagery through total darkness, as well as smoke, dust and many other common battlefield obscurants. While the Star SAFIRE HD is based on a mid-wave, Indium Antimonide detector, the Star SAFIRE QWIP utilizes the long-wave Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector. In addition to being fully digital from detector to monitor, and having fiber-optic control capability, the Star SAFIRE QWIP maintains all of theinter-generational functionality demanded of any member of the Star SAFIRE line: mechanical and electrical interchangeability, military qualification and hardening at volume commercial pricing, and full flight functionality to 405 KIAS.

03 Jul 06. FLIR Systems, Inc. announced that its Star SAFIRE III, Star SAFIRE QWIP and BRITE Star multi-sensor thermal imaging systems have been selected in
multiple programs for a wide range of mission objectives. The Compañia Aeronautica Española, S.A. (CAESA) has selected the Star SAFIRE III for installation on Spanish Air Force (SAF) P-3 and Super Puma aircraft. The SAF P-3 installations will be upgrades of three earliergeneration FLIR Systems SAFIRE thermal imagers. Even though these SAFIRE installations are more than a decade old, the latest generation Star SAFIRE IIIs will be able to operate over the existing cable and mount infrastructure. The installation of seven Star SAFIRE III systems on the SAF’s Super Puma aircraft is part of that platform’s evolution from a purely SAR role to that of CSAR in preparation for its deployment to Afghanistan. The Star SAFIRE IIIs will provide a nearly 4X improvement in range and resolution compared to the legacy systems, in addition to color TV and laser capabilities. The Star SAFIRE QWIP, selected by the Polish Border Guard and Dutch Coast Guard, provides high-definition, fully digital, multi-sensor capabilities with a longwave Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP). The QWIP imager is optimized for performance through dust, smoke, and other common battlefield obscurants. The Dutch Coast Guard will use the Star SAFIRE QWIP on its Dornier DO-228 aircraft in an anti-oil pollution monitoring program. The Polish Border Guard’s Aviation section will install the Star SAFIRE QWIP on their fixedwing Skytruck-Bryza aircraft for use in maritime patrol and surveillance roles. The first system has been delivered to PZL Mielec, Poland.

17 Jul 06. Saab signed new agreement with UK’s Empire Test Pilots’ School. Trainee test pilots at ETPS (Empire Test Pilots’

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