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29 Jun 06. QinetiQ showed its advanced design for a hybrid drive transmission that has been selected for manned ground vehicle (MGV) integration of the US Army’s Future Combat System (FCS) as part of a US-based team led by BAE Systems. The lightweight QinetiQ transmission makes electric drive military vehicles a reality for the first time. QinetiQ will develop its E-X-Drive™ tracked vehicle transmission as part of the overall traction drive system (TDS) for the US Army’s planned fleet of tracked military vehicles as part of a team led by BAE Systems’ new Land & Armaments business, together with Honeywell in the USA. “Our design is set to revolutionise drive systems in specialist military and will be of undoubted interest to the UKs Future Rapid Effects System (FRES) and the Swedish future tracked vehicles programmes. We are delighted that the technology behind our electric drive transmission, which our engineers developed from scratch, was critical in securing this win for the team,” says Graeme Ferrero, QinetiQ’s Managing Director Defence Technology. “We believe the implications of this technological breakthrough are significant. In essence, the compact layout of the transmission system makes the difference. The high efficiency of the electric drive minimises power loss and, should any part of the system fail, there are a number of built in back-up and safety features ready to take over its function. It will also bring some savings on fuel consumption. By adopting this system, the US is setting the standard for the development of tracked military vehicles worldwide.”

29 Jun 06. The Undetectables demonstrated their capabilities in providing concealment solutions for the telecoms industry. The Undetectables is the market leader in site identification and integration of telecom technology into the built and natural environment. The company told BATTLESPACE that it is now looking to move its expertise into the defence arena. The wealth of experience gained by The Undetectables in environmentally friendly site solutions including location, design, build and LPA approval is now available to the defence industry. Building on its technical and award winning creative skills The Undetectables has a dedicated technology unit and established alliances with civil and military research centres to ensure optimum material performance. Capabilities include: Design Consultancy – Acquisition consultancy / LPA representation / Site survey / On-site technical review/Project Management – Risk assessment / Method statements / Outage procedures/Computer Aided Design – Product design / Site specific design / Photomontage/Construction – Specialist artworking / Materials research.

29 Jun 06. Selex showed its WACH 900 Noise reduction headset. The new WACH 900 Headset is ideally suited to use by lightweight mounted infantry, light reconnaissance and support vehicle crew, and is designed to provide premium Active Noise Reduction (ANR) high noise environments. Audio
* The WACH 900 ANR has been designed specifically to offer passive and active noise reduction in mechanised infantry vehicles
* It provides clear communication in transport and combat noise level environments
* Its stereo talk-through capability provides enhanced situational awareness for dismounted soldiers in operational and training environments
* The noise-cancelling microphone can be fitted with a wind cover to reduce wind noise and turbulence
The WACH 900 headset comprises two contoured earshells, a neckband, soft head band and boom microphone.
* The ear cups are moulded for optimum passive noise reduction. They are designed to fit under a wide range of ballistic and protective helmets, including PASGT and MICH.
* The fully adjustable steel neckband allows the headset to be worn with a helmet and is sprung to provide force to keep the earshells in place
* The soft headband is designed to fit over the head or helmet to keep it secure, the straps fitted with adjustable

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