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By Julian Nettlefold, Editor BATTLESPACE and Adam Baddeley, Deputy Editor

13 Sep 05. Roush confirms Diesel Quad production from 2006 as Royal Engineers demonstrate machine DSEI 2005. The Roush Diesel Quad Bike is to enter full commercial production during the first half of 2006. In addition, Roush will become sole distributor for military variants of the diesel ATV for worldwide markets. The technical specification of the unit, which has been so successful throughout the development programme, is to remain effectively unchanged. The torquey twin cylinder 686cc, naturally aspirated Lombardini engine is matched to a Roush design transmission, mated to an IBC Constant Velocity Transmission (CVT) system, which together give the machine excellent controllability and exceptional driveability. Front and rear rack payloads are retained – over 45kg on the front – and more than 90kg on the rear. In addition, the diesel quad can handle towed gross trailer loads of up to 500kg. The range of planned variants has also been extended to include fully road-legal homologated units and a two-seater option.

15 Sep 05. Slimmer, lighter Wireless for UAVs. Domo displayed the latest version of their UAVcam wireless system at DSEi, part of their Solo family of communication products. The UAVcam combines a switchable multi carrier OFDM with single carrier PSK with monopulse OFDM tracking system. The solution offers 2.5MHz narrowband output and 100mW output in both L and S band. The larger, earlier version of the system is already in use with UAVs for both mini and micro platforms with Domo having sold 500 systems in the past 6-9months according to Phil Sykes the company’s Managing Director who believes it is the smallest on the market today. The new UAVcam is roughly two-thirds the size, weight and, perhaps most importantly power consumption of its predecessor. AB

15 Sep 05. More contacts squeezed into 102 connector. Connector company Fischer have squeezed a 9 contact interface into a standard commercial 102 size connector, up from seven in the company’s previous solution. Development was completed in July and an a low pull off connector, sealed to an IP68 standard, optimised for SMP solution such as FIST is being offered.AB

15 Sep 05. Blue Finger deals with the non-cooperative. Surveillance outfit Blue Finger are adding non-co-operative maritime surveillance to the portfolio of command and control capabilities based around its SAFFIRE management solution. Its new Coastal Surveillance Solution now integrates a range of sensors, which communicate their IP data over VHF, Microwave or WAN links. The company is also offering a solution in which the maritime picture is fused with that of land border monitoring, working with partners Steria and Intergraph. Bluefinger’s co-operative monitoring solutions are already in service with over 20 countries including the UK, US, Greece and Saudi Arabia. 15 Sep 05.

15 Sep 05. On the Move sales for Ultra in Canada. Ultra Electronics have chalked up another win for their AN/GRC-245 (V) HCLOS radio with twenty systems being recently ordered by Canada, including a new, On-The-Move (OTM) waveform. Canada are the launch customer for the new Light Weight Fly-Away Communication Pack, which matches the HCLOS radio with the company’s Super Highway Group Combiner which can support up to four asynchronous trunk groups including both military and commercial systems; an HCLOS RFU; an IP switch supporting 10/100Base T Ethernet LAN supporting IP based computing and telephony and a US KIV-19 compatible encryption equipment. The equipment is packaged within a single rugged transit case and weighs 90Kg.AB

15 Sep 05. Largely software driven improvements have seen data rates rise to 16Mb. The increase has also required the widening of the radios RF filters, which has seen range, drop slightly from 40km to 37km. Arguably the most significant improvement in the AN/GRC-245(V) is the new Band 1 225-400MH

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