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13 Sep 05. General Dynamics UK Managing Director Dr Sandy Wilson said that it was the wish of his company to be Prime Systems Integrator for the UK’s FRES programme. The chassis TDP programme with the LockMart Electronic Architecture is on track to be delivered in 18 months. The AHED chassis has completed 4500 kms and will complete a further 7500 within the next few months. Blast testing to ensure the security of the electronic systems will be carried out on another chassis frame. The IPT requested 7500 kms of trails post the IAP. FRES is no longer required to be C-130 portable and thus trials with heavier chassis weight so 16, 18 and 20 tonnes will be carried out. The company has learnt a number of lessons with electric drive through its experience with the U.S. Marine Corps RST-V vehicle that is required to produce 30KW for the TOC.

13 Sep 05. Paradigm Secure Communications Ltd. has been successfully delivering a range of military satellite communication services since the signing of its first third party export agreement with the Portuguese Chief of Defence (CHOD), in September 2004. This agreement was the first Milsatcom service provision contract signed by Paradigm with another government since successfully signing the Skynet 5 contract, in October 2003. It requires Paradigm to deliver managed secure communications services to the Portuguese Armed Forces in the provision of X-band communications services to a variety of land and maritime terminals at a range of data rates. Paradigm has successfully supported the Portuguese military forces both in their operational deployments and training exercises by providing satcom access on a planned, long term and also on a short notice, short duration basis. Paradigm has provided a range of services in addition to the provision of X-band communications, including the provision of leased terminal services, with all the necessary training and logistical support.


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