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Plextek’s clever BLightER
By Adam Baddeley

A production ready prototype of Plextek’s BlightER 400 Series ground surveillance radar, is nearing completion. The lightweight 10-15kg, low cost radar is designed to provide ground based area surveillance out to an instrumented range of 10km with unit cost put in the region of $100,000. The radars are can be operated either via an 802.11B WiFi or wired link.
Operating over TCP/IP, existing PC based monitoring systems could receive information from multiple BlightERs linked along a stretch of pipeline or a perimeter fence. Originally conceived as a sensor solution for light dismounted units and Special Forces the company has now identified the growing global need for Homeland Security as the biggest potential market. The company also reports that high-end optical sensor manufacturers have expressed interest in using the BlightER as cueing system enabling more detailed inspection of targets.

19 Jul 04. AMS – Gematronik has signed a contract with the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) to supply three Doppler Weather Radar Systems. AMS – Gematronik will supply three METEOR 1500 Klystron-based Band weather radars. Deliveries to IRIMO, the Organization in charge of Meteorological activities in Iran, will take place in 2005. This contract represents the second phase in establishing a weather radar network in Iran, says Christel Niewöhner, Export Manager AMS – Gematronik. The METEOR weather radars will be installed in Northern Iran. The project improves the quality of weather forecasts for the general public as well as specialised forecasts for flood forecasting and shear wind detection for aviation.

20 Jul 04. Lockheed Martin and EADS have signed an MOU to explore partnership opportunities on missile defense programs in the United States, Europe and around the world. The companies will identify areas in which they have compatible capabilities that can be collaboratively applied to benefit current and future customers. The MOU also addresses the potential of joint investments in key technologies that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of current and emerging missile defense programs. Initial areas of discussion between the two companies will focus on missile defense initiatives including sea-based systems; systems integration; Command and Control, Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC); early warning and sensor networking; interceptor concepts and systems; and targets and countermeasures. The current MOU on Missile Defense builds on a long-term and valuable relationship between Lockheed Martin and EADS. The two companies are teamed on MEADS International, a tri-national program among Lockheed Martin, EADS/LFK and MBDA to design and develop a medium-range air and missile defense system to protect deployed U.S. and Allied forces.

20 Jul 04. Cubic Defense Applications, of San Diego, California and London-based SARBE, part of Signature Industries Ltd, have agreed upon a significant new technology partnership which relates to co-operation between the two companies in order to provide integration between the SARBE® G2R hand held emergency beacon, and Cubic’s aircraft mounted Personnel Locator System (PLS). Both companies specialise in the development of Search and Rescue equipment for military and civil applications. SARBE has been supplying ruggedised Search and Rescue beacons to the armed forces of more than 40 countries for over 50 years. The company has a reputation synonymous with high-performance products and committed service. The G2R, launched at last year’s Paris Airshow, utilises the COSPAS/SARSAT and GPS satellite constellations and incorporates the latest electronic technology required for a military combat emergency recovery operation. According to Brian Clayton, Director & General Manager, SARBE, this agreement is one of the most significant milestones in the distinguished history of SARBE and is the start of long-term co-operati

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