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08 May 12. Extreme Performance Ltd, (EP Ltd.), the Lincolnshire, UK-based ammunition specialist debuted its new Lightweight Explosive Clearance System at SOFEX. The Lightweight Explosive Clearance System recently entered service with the British Army following contract award earlier this year.
“We were delighted to have been awarded the contract against strong competition,” said Bernie Montanta, Managing Director of EP Ltd, “We used new technologies and systems to ensure that the soldier in the filed received the most up to date, lightweight, man deployable system which allows the system to be deployed in the most dangerous situations to save lives.”
The Lightweight Explosive Clearance System is deployable within five minutes and provides high-level assurance of a safe lane through an area where there is a possibility of pressure plate improvised explosive devices, trip wires or shallow mines. The unique system is lightweight, man-portable, completely self-contained, fast and simple to deploy, with repeatability and accuracy assured under all conditions. The complete system can be deployed in one box, utilising a non-electric firing and detonating system.

08 May 12. L-3 WESCAM signed a Service Center Agreement with King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) to open a WESCAM
Authorized Service Center (WASC) in Jordan. KADDB is an independent government entity in Jordan that designs and develops defence products and security solutions in the Middle East.

09 May 12. Cubic showcased its newly developed range of advanced training systems during the Special Operations and Homeland Security Exhibition (SOFEX) at the King Abdullah I Airbase in Jordan. According to the company, the computer-based training systems are targeted for the Kingdom of Jordan and other Middle Eastern customers. Cubic Defense Applications Middle Eastern region business development vice president John Naff said: “All of these products can be integrated with each other to provide a live, virtual, constructive capability for leadership training, as well as use in planning for tactical operations.” The company is displaying the Jordanian Army’s newly acquired deployable combat training centre (CTC) and tactical vehicle system (TVS), which is a laser-based live combat training system for tactical vehicles featuring advanced wireless devices with embedded laser detectors. The CTC includes Cubic’s MILES individual weapon system (IWS) and exercise control, as well as after action review facilities to help Jordanian forces conduct force-on-force training with MILES laser engagement systems throughout the country. (Source: armytechnology.com)

09 May 12. NCTech Ltd of Edinburgh showed their iSTAR camera at SOEX. iSTAR is the first 360 degree camera with the power to process its images internally, with no need for a computer to complete post-production processing or stitching. Crucially, iSTAR can be used by anyone and does not need special training or photographic skills. With zero set up time it is small, light and robust, making it easy to transport and quick to deploy. Current 360 degree imaging systems typically require around 10-15 mins to capture and generate a 50 megapixel spherical image. With the iSTAR the same spherical image is captured instantly in one single shutter release. The final image is ready in under 10 seconds. This rapid speed of capture together with the iSTAR’s light weight and zero setup time allows multiple locations to be photographed in minutes, not hours. iSTAR is available in two software models – FUSION and PULSAR‚ both of which photograph the full spherical environment. PULSAR offers extended capabilities over FUSION, including speed and time saving features to speed up productivity and provide even higher quality HDR images. It also offers a superior user interface with live full immersive video preview, network connectivity and fast capture for video surveillance.

09 May 12. Challenger 2 for Jordan? BAE S

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