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27 Apr 05. Harris Corporation has unveiled a new configuration of its Falcon(R) II RF-5800V handheld radio for the international market. The very high
frequency (VHF) Mini-pack combines the popular RF-5800V VHF handheld
radio with the newly released RF-3161 VHF body-worn dipole antenna,
providing users a lightweight radio complement with a communication
range rivaling that of VHF manpack radios. The VHF Mini-pack configuration operates across the full 30 to 108 MHz spectrum of the RF-5800V handheld radio and is compatible with all existing secure voice and data features of the radio, including the embedded Internet Protocol (IP) networking, embedded text messaging, GPS automatic position reporting, and radio-telephony capabilities. The RF-3161 body-worn dipole antenna extends the communications range of
the VHF handheld radio without adding a significant amount of bulk to
the soldier’s equipment. Built to MIL-STD-810F standards, the antenna
utilizes a flexible base that contours to the user’s body and allows
maximum freedom of movement in tight combat situations. The flexible
base also can be bent into a vertical orientation when the soldier is
lying in a prone position. The ground-independent nature of the antenna
design allows it to be removed from the soldier’s back and raised into a
tree to achieve even greater range, while the radio itself remains with
the user on the ground. Recent field tests conducted with the VHF Mini-pack configuration show that the communications range of the 5-watt RF-5800V handheld radio operating with the RF-3161 antenna surpasses that of a 10-watt manpack
radio operating with a 1.2-meter blade antenna. The improved efficiency
and smaller size of the Mini-pack means that the dismounted radio
operator has less weight to carry while maintaining reliable
line-of-sight communications. The VHF Mini-pack also is the ideal
configuration for applications that require the use of a portable data
terminal or PDA with the RF-5800V VHF handheld radio.

28 Apr 05 Text of report in English by Bulgarian news agency BTA web site Brussels, 28 April: A light armour developed by Bulgaria to protect light armoured vehicles from rocket propelled grenade (RDG) launchers adapted to protect helicopters attracted considerable interest at the “Safe Horizons: Shielding NATO Aircraft” Exhibition held within the framework of the NATO Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD) on 27-28 April in Brussels. The project of the Ministry of Defence is implemented jointly with the Institute of Metal Sciences with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Bulgaria was represented at the CNAD by the Defence Ministry Armaments and Equipment Policy Directorate Director and National Armaments Director Col Nikolay Yankov. The project was launched at the October 2004 CNAD when Bulgaria became leading nation in its realization. At the present CNAD, Greece expressed a wish to become a supporting nation in the implementation of the project. (Source: BBC)

28 Apr 05. The U.S. Navy’s P-8A Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) program has successfully completed its second major review since contract award and received approval from the technical review board (TRB) to proceed toward the design phase. An integrated Navy-Boeing team conducted an SFR of the aircraft from April 5 to7 in Seattle during which a review board assessed system requirements and functional performance. “The TRB determined that all requirements and performance allocations are defined and consistent with cost, schedule and risk constraints,” said Tony Parasida, Boeing vice president for maritime systems. A preliminary design review is scheduled for September 2005.

26th Apr 05. TRL Technology Ltd, part of the TRL Electronics plc group, is unveiling its evolutionary surveillance product strategy, with the arrival of the DTS Series modular surveillance system. Based on a

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