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Jun 06. Overwatch Systems provides specialized SATCOM capabilities for the
emerging Multi-Band satellite systems. Overwatch’s patented feed and
lens technology combines multiple frequency band coverage with dual
polarization into a single feed that can be fitted onto new or existing
antenna reflector systems thus reducing footprint and overall life cycle
costs for both commercial and DoD applications. This technology has now been proven and fielded on a number of applications, including flyaway, fixed site, and shipboard applications. Overwatch’s Communication Systems Business Area is actively working to market this approach to other customer’s applications and needs in these and other market segments such as on-the-halt and VSAT.

19 Jun 06. Raytheon Company’s Patriot Guidance Enhanced Missiles (GEM) celebrated its second consecutive successful test flight as a GEM-T missile destroyed a surrogate cruise missile at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. The successful government test of the next evolution of the Patriot Advanced
Configuration-2 (PAC-2) GEM missile was the second of four development flight
tests to be conducted by the Patriot Lower Tier Project Office using
Raytheon’s newly-developed Patriot system post deployment build-6 (PDB-6)

23 Jun 06. Selex WACH 900 Noise reduction headset. The new WACH 900 Headset is ideally suited to use by lightweight mounted infantry, light reconnaissance and support vehicle crew, and is designed to provide premium Active Noise Reduction (ANR) high noise environments. The WACH 900 ANR has been designed specifically to offer passive and active noise reduction in mechanised infantry vehicles. It provides clear communication in transport and combat noise level environments. Its stereo talk-through capability provides enhanced situational awareness for dismounted soldiers in operational and training environments. The noise-cancelling microphone can be fitted with a wind cover to reduce wind noise and turbulence. The WACH 900 headset comprises two contoured earshells, a neckband, soft head band and boom microphone. The ear cups are moulded for optimum passive noise reduction. They are designed to fit under a wide range of ballistic and protective helmets, including PASGT and MICH. The fully adjustable steel neckband allows the headset to be worn with a helmet and is sprung to provide force to keep the earshells in place. The soft headband is designed to fit over the head or helmet to keep it secure, the straps fitted with adjustable Velcro strips. Interchangeable left to right handed microphone. Pressel box: The pressel box can be tethered to the uniform and is used to power the ANR capabilities either connected to a vehicle intercom system or directly to the soldiers radio without the need for a secondary radio

20 Jun 06. The NBC Detection Business of Bruker Daltonik GmbH, based in Leipzig, Germany, announces the RAID(TM)-AFM and the RAID(TM)-S2, two new
stationary chemical detectors, at the NBC 2006 Symposium on Chemical,
Biological, Nuclear and Radiological Threats in Tampere, Finland. For over 15 years, Bruker Daltonics has been recognized as a leading expert in chemical detection applications of ion mobility spectrometry (IMS). The Company has implemented its advanced and unique IMS technology in its RAID(TM) series of mobile and stationary chemical agent and toxic industrial chemical detectors, which have earned a sterling reputation. The latest version of the Company’s IMS
spectrometer is the handheld RAID-M 100, which has been called the “world-leader” in the NBC detection community, based on its superior interference rejection, ease-of-use and logistical benefits. The RAID-M has been included in the U.S. Approved Product List for Homeland Security according to “The Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 (SAFETY ACT)”. The new RAID-M 100 techno

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