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12 Dec 05. Honeywell has received FAA certification for its Nitrogen Generation System (NGS) for Boeing’s 747 airplanes. The Honeywell NGS or inerting system is based on technology that reduces the risk of flammability of a fuel tank by injecting nitrogen-enriched air into the aircraft’s fuel tank. The nitrogen displaces oxygen within the fuel tank thereby reducing the risk of a fuel tank fire or explosion. Using micro fibers, nitrogen enriched air is produced by separating oxygen from conditioned engine bleed air through components supplied by Parker Aerospace. Honeywell is also in the process of certifying Nitrogen Generation Systems for other Boeing commercial airplanes, and has been selected to provide a similar system for the Navy’s new Multi-Mission-Aircraft. The company is currently proposing an inerting system for a number of other commercial aircraft

13 Dec 05. Robert Bosch, the German automotive parts manufacturer, is in concrete talks with several carmakers on hybrid engine cars. The company stated that it was in the process of submitting offers and that a decision was expected within the new few weeks. The company is negotiating with European, US and Asian car manufacturers. German suppliers such as Continental, ZF Friedrichshafen and Siemens VDO are also bidding to supply manufacturers with hybrid engine parts. It is thought that the first series of hybrid engine cars will be introduced in 2008. Bosch could supply key components such as electric engines, control units and electrohydraulic brakes. Hybrid cars combine an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. Many carmakers have joined forces to spread out the costs of developing hybrid cars. (Source: FT.com/Abstracted from Handelsblatt)

13 Dec 05. The new planning system developed by EADS for the Tiger combat helicopter of the German Armed Forces combines for the first time operational command and control with technical logistic support of a weapon system. This means the system increases operational efficiency and enhances the deployment capabilities of the helicopters at the same time. As the company announced on Tuesday, the Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) has awarded EADS Defence Electronics a contract worth € 10 m.
With the Operations Support System (OSS), the German Armed Forces will be in a position to guarantee up-to-date command and control capability as well as a status check both for the tactical operational deployment of the Tiger and in the technical logistic area at all times. This includes mission planning, briefing, debriefing and logistic workflow components. The Operations Support System ensures that pilots and maintenance staff have much more operational flexibility and as a result guarantees more safety for both man and machine. This means that the German Armed Forces now have a system for obtaining an up-to-date status report on their Tiger helicopters at all times and for giving pilots support during operations at the same time.

12 Dec 05. Harris Corporation today unveiled an advanced sensor system product line that offers remote, unattended intrusion detection and surveillance capabilities ideally suited to the defense of military installations and perimeters, as well as for the protection of borders and other assets associated with homeland defense. The Harris Falcon Watch(TM) Remote Intrusion Detection and Surveillance system was developed by the Harris Sensor Systems Group, which is part of a new growth initiative within the Harris RF Communications Division, chartered to design products that are synergistic with the division’s highly successful tactical radio business and adjacent markets. The Falcon Watch system includes the RF-5405 Intelligent Gateway, a communications node that receives alarms from multiple sensors and fuses the data into actionable reports for relay to command centers; and the RF-5400 Falc

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