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07 Dec 05. A new command and control (C2) system developed by ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) recently passed its interoperability tests, earning itself the U.S. Air Force Systems Interoperability Test (AFSIT) certification and positioning the system one step closer to fielding. Called Battle Control System-Fixed (BCS-F), the new capability will support military and homeland security missions. Air Force certification is a major step in preparing BCS-F for use by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). This rigorous certification designates that the system is fully capable of seamless data exchange among Air Force units employing a variety of modern and legacy tactical data links. BCS-F is a next-generation air sovereignty system that serves as the early warning mechanism in the vital U.S. homeland security mission. Advanced
technology incorporates increased sensor capacity and improves interoperability among hundreds of legacy sensors, including more types of radars than any other Air Force system. The system correlates and fuses data from airborne, ground and naval elements and civil air traffic sensors into an integrated air picture that allows commanders to surveil and monitor the airspace above, beyond and within the U.S. and Canadian borders. Additionally, the system will monitor threats internal to U.S. and Canadian borders, providing a major component for homeland defense.

01 Dec 05. Inmedius, Inc., a leading technical documentation software developer, released S1000Dtransition, an easy-to-use publishing program that efficiently produces or transforms structured ASD S1000D Data Modules into common types of print output, including traditional, paper-based manuals. Maintaining one source repository, S1000Dtransition simplifies and expedites the process. Users can produce S1000D, and other commercial or military specification-based documentation, from a single data source, including; ATA iSpec 2200 (Air Transport Association of America, Inc.), AESP (Army Equipment Support Publication), and AvP70 (Aviation Publication). The software also provides robust publishing support functions, including; PDF Creation, LooseLeaf Production to create printed manuals, Change Page Management to address subsequent updated versions or editions of documentation, Dual Language Support, and a set of Batch File Processing tools to efficiently perform tasks on source files. Transition converts a batch of S1000D SGML/XML Data Modules (DM) to an Adobe PDF file. The software will convert either a single PDF file for each DM or merge a series of DMs into one linear PDF. Transition also converts the element into PDF links, enhancing navigation. Technical documentation publishers produce, manage and update paper-based manuals through the system’s LooseLeaf Production and Change Page Management functions. This significantly reduces paper and printing expenses, as only those single sheets (or series of pages with changes) need reproduced, rather than publishing entirely new manuals. Transition’s Dual Language support allows for two languages to appear side-by-side on screen and in print.

05 Dec 05. The winners of the BAE Systems 2005 Gold Chairman’s Awards were announced last night at a ceremony held at the Natural History Museum in London, UK. The awards are given in three categories of Innovation, Transferring Best Practice and Enhancing Customer Performance. They were presented by Chairman Dick Olver alongside TV Science presenters Adam Hart-Davies and Hermione Cockburn.
The Gold Awards for Innovation: Autonomous Imagery (BAE Systems Air Systems, Warton, UK) – A low-cost system to transmit battlefield imagery at high speed, making efficient use of bandwidth; Waveguide Optic Technology (BAE Systems Electronics and Integrated Solutions, Rochester, UK) – Revolutionary display technology based on holographic waveguides developed with Cambridge University

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