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Oxley is exhibiting at DSEI, Stand number is 1581. Oxley will be exhibiting full company range of products which includes electronic components, night vision, LED lighting and data capture products.

05 Sep 05. Skyquest Aviation, the UK design & manufacturer of specialist airborne mission equipment, will launch a new range of ultra high resolution aircraft mission displays to compliment the new technology stabilised cameras entering the surveillance market.In addition, Skyquest have designed a unique video distribution system which takes the feed from the airborne camera systems in its highest resolution (including digital video and high definition video if available from the sensor) and routes this via a single cable to any number of on-board video displays and video recorders. Skyquest claim that by using the system an airborne observer can call onto his display any number of video or computer inputs to give him total flexibility over the images he wants to view. Importantly the images will be displayed on his screen at their source resolution bringing new levels of information and detectability to the crew.
From an installers point of view the new system offers savings in complex video cable looms. A single cable is all that is required to be routed to each device. Once connected to the video distribution system the user has access to any signal feed going into the router. Skyquest are exhibiting on stand number 989

06 Sep 05. At DSEi 2005, i2 will demonstrate how their proven suite of analysis software is used as decision support tools to enhance the Network Enabled Capability (NEC) of military forces. The implementation of NEC to deliver precise controlled and effective battle space management depends on the sharing and use of information to achieve situational awareness, ultimately resulting in improved performance. Within Defence, this is known as Information Exploitation (IX), a fundamental element of the NEC. i2’s latest innovation, the i2 iXa Framework, overcomes the issues surrounding the sharing of information from multiple data sources. The iXa Framework provides a secure Web services
architecture as a platform from which forces can share intelligence, both internally and across organizational boundaries.

05 Sep 05. Croma Group plc, is exhibiting products from each of its subsidiaries at DSEi (Stand 503). Croma is a group of companies that specialise in equipment for surveillance, counter surveillance and other defence related requirements for the military and homeland security. On show will be:
Zeus, one of Croma’s most innovative products. Designed specifically for urban warfare, the Zeus is invaluable for assisting in clearing cellars and room clearance. Zeus resembles an HE grenade. Zeus is available with high intensity white light or infra-red. Illumination periods are programmable depending on the application. Other applications include ambush lights, route markers and emergency landing zone lights. To ensure optimum performance the Zeus was designed with the assistance of two West Midlands Universities each with its own particular field of expertise. Staffordshire University has a Centre of Excellence specifically in the area of LED technology and provided assistance with the design of a the new power circuit, whilst Aston University’s Optronics cluster helped source the new generation of high bright LED devices. The Zeus concept was considered to be so innovative that it was nominated for the Lord Stafford Awards for Innovation.
Purple is one of a new range of mobile phone based products recently launched by Croma. The Purple remote sensor system’s multi-sensor capability offers a very cost – effective, rapid deployment solution to large area surveillance requirements such a perimeter and border roles. The terminal incorporates a GPS facility for both the accurate location of the terminal and the precise time

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