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Oxley is exhibiting at DSEI, Stand number is 1581. Oxley will be exhibiting full company range of products which includes electronic components, night vision, LED lighting and data capture products.

08 Sep 05. A new product range of EMI/RFI Windows is now available from Oxley Developments Company Ltd. This additional product range complements the Oxley EMC Protection and Optical Filter product ranges in which Oxley are established world class suppliers. Utilising existing company facilities in the manufacturing process and the experience of their design engineers, this new product range will be supplied through Oxley’s existing distribution network in the UK, Europe, USA, India and Australia. EMI/RFI windows are found in most electronic displays and fascia panels such as military radios and commercial points of sale, where a high level of shielding is required from internal and externally generated electromagnetic emissions.

Oxley shielded windows are designed and manufactured in house to customer specifications which determine the optical, mechanical and thermal parameters for the application.

Substrate materials include: Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Allyl Carbonate or Glass and appropriately the shielding is either cast in micro fine mesh, laminated or applied as an indium-tin-oxide (ITO) deposited coating.

The finished product options include: precise machining; tints to permit transmission of specific wavelengths; screen printing; flying mesh termination; painted bus bars and coatings such as hard, Anti-reflective (A/R) or Anti-fingerprint (AFP) as required.

Having secured initial orders of EMI/RFI Shielded Windows in UK, the Oxley Group will be targeting display manufacturers in defence and civil markets across the world.

13 Sep 05. Radstone Embedded Computing is showcasing at DSEi a range of powerful and flexible solutions designed specifically for the most demanding of defense applications. Radstone Embedded Computing can be found at booth 541.

The demonstrations on the Radstone booth are as follows:

Octegra3 Video/Graphics

Radstone’s Octegra3 video and graphics processor delivers class-leading performance and functionality. Flexible and powerful, it supports up to eight channels of video input, leading edge video processing and up to two channels of video output in a single VME slot. The demonstration showcases these abilities: inputs are provided by two DVD players and a video camera, with output to two independent displays. Using two OpenGL client applications running on a 1 GHz 7447A processor, Octegra3’s P9 Visual Processing Unit generates symbology which is overlaid on the incoming video streams. Scaling, moving and depth ordering of the images are featured, and all three video inputs are displayed on both screens, confirming not only that all video inputs are simultaneously available to all screens, but also the independence of the screens from each other. The feed from the video camera is designed to demonstrate the extraordinarily high throughput/low video latency of Octegra3.

ICS Software Defined Radio

The ICS Software Defined Radio (SDR) demonstration is representative of the synergy within Radstone Embedded Computing that is allowing a broad range of integrated solutions to be developed which leverage the expertise of its constituent elements. More importantly, it demonstrates the company’s ability to deliver truly rugged, powerful, flexible SDR solutions off the shelf. Featuring the ICS rugged 3U CompactPCI PMC571 Transceiver Module mounted on an IMP1A processor and integrated within a Radstone PowerPact compact, rugged RT4 chassis, the demonstration shows a broad range of SDR capabilities. In all cases, the incoming FM signal is demodulated for audio playback. Three modes of operation are featured. In the first, a hardware loopback is used to retransmit an FM station onto a

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