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24 Aug 05. Rockwell Collins has received National Security Agency (NSA) certification for its Advanced Architecture MicroProcessor 7 Government Version (AAMP7G), a Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) device for use in cryptographic applications. The AAMP7G provides MILS capability through its unique micro-architecture, which employs a secure hardware-based separation kernel. It offers a more capable solution that is smaller, uses less power and is more cost effective than current crypto devices. The AAMP7G’s design was proved mathematically to achieve MILS using Formal Methods techniques as specified by EAL-7 of the Common Criteria. The AAMP7G is capable of simultaneously processing the full spectrum of information from unclassified through top secret codeword information. It will be used in the multi-channel, MILS-capable, programmable crypto engine currently being developed by Rockwell Collins. The NSA is currently evaluating the programmable crypto engine for Type-1 certification. This next generation programmable crypto engine will address the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Crypto Modernization efforts to support future secure communication, navigation, and data link capability for the warfighter.

25 Aug 05. V-22 Begins Tests With KC-135 Refueler. The Navy has begun testing the capability of the tiltrotor V-22 Osprey to be refueled by the Air Force’s KC-135 tanker. Earlier tests successfully demonstrated the ability of the Air Force KC-10, the Marine Corps KC-130 and the Air Force Special Operations MC-130 to refuel the Osprey. The Pentagon’s operational testers are expected to release a report by early September on whether the V-22 is ready to enter service with the Marine Corps. (Source: Aerospace Daily & Defense Report)

11 Aug 05. Ericsson modifies Giraffe AMB to counter incoming mortar fire. Ericsson Microwave Systems (Gothenburg, Sweden) has developed a 360š mortar alert and locating functionality for its Giraffe AMB (agile multibeam) truck-mounted surveillance and target-indication radar. (Source: Jane’s International Defence Review)

18 Aug 05. General Dynamics C4 Systems has been awarded an $18m contract by the National Security Agency (NSA) to design and develop a mobile telephone/personal digital assistant. The Secure PDA Phone will provide secure voice and data communications, including e-mail, web access, and file viewing. The award is part of the Secure Mobile Environment (SME) program, which calls for a single device for government users requiring “Type I” security that also provides wireless access to the government’s Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) for secure web-browsing and messaging. (Source: GCN)

25 Aug 05. The Remote Controlled Weapon Station – RCWS 30mm, produced by RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd. has recently completed a series of successful field tests in Finland and in Israel. Both series were carried out on actual fighting platforms; in Finland on the Patria AMV and in Israel on the Achzarit APC, and covered different combat scenarios at a variety of ranges
The RCWS-30 was developed for use on any modern, light-armored, high-mobility fighting vehicle; new or upgraded. Its unique design provides light weight, low silhouette in its folded-down position – compatible with C-130 or A-400 air-transport, generous elevation range (–20° to +60°) – in its extended position, unlimited traverse range (± n×360°), minimal occupation of the vehicle internal volume. The RCWS-30 remote control capability enables the gunner to assume a safe position anywhere inside the armored vehicle, and allows an optional take-over by the Commander – to designate targets and operate the weapons.
The 30mm station is a member of RAFAEL’s RCWS family including the Enforcer (7.62mm) and the 12.7mm weapon stations. The RCWS-30, is also part of a new company-wide approach that provides its cus

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