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20 May 14. GE Intelligent Platforms announced the rugged XMCM01 single board computer (SBC) in the XMC form factor. Based on the Marvell® ARMADA™ XP (Extreme Performance) series of multicore processors, the XMCM01 is designed to deliver high performance in a broad range of harsh environments, especially in military/aerospace, in which size, weight and power (SWaP) are highly constrained such as small form factor C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence) applications. The XMC form factor provides customers with maximum flexibility, enabling them to create purpose-designed carrier boards for unique applications, and take advantage of a ‘drop in’ processing capability. Because the XMCM01 is offered with a range of CPU core and memory options, it allows for a highly modular, upgradable design that enables straightforward technology insertion, or for the same carrier board to feature different levels of processing power according to the demands of the application. Optionally available, to make customer development easier and less expensive, and allow the final solution to be brought to market in the shortest time possible, is the MCC601 6U CompactPCI™ carrier card. (This does not need a 6U CompactPCI chassis to function, as it can be powered via an on-board ATX connector.) The Marvell ARMADA XP CPU is equipped with up to four ARMv7-compliant 1.6 GHz CPU cores and 2MBytes L2 cache. With advanced power management and waking options, this CPU enables the XMCM01 to maintain a high level of performance within a low power envelope. The XMCM01 provides up to 2GBytes of DDR3 SDRAM with ECC, x4 PCI Express™ via the P15 connector, a wide range of I/O via the P16 connector (with an option for I/O on the P14 connector for PMC users), three 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet ports, three RS232/422 UARTS, two Serial ATA (SATA) ports, three USB 2.0 ports and eight GPIO ports.

20 May 14. Getac has upgraded the processing power of its fully rugged notebook, the most advanced device in its class on the market.
The Getac X500-G2 is available as a standard rugged notebook or rugged mobile server and builds on the popularity of the original X500. The X500-G2 Rugged Mobile Server offers users the ability to deploy a mobile rugged server to the field giving instant server capability at the start of operations. The updated solution is available with the latest Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 vPro™ processors, which provide a 55 per cent increase in performance over the original X500 and a 136 per cent increase on the X500 Rugged Mobile Server. With up to 16GB of RAM (or 32GB for the X500-G2 Rugged Mobile Server) and 500GB storage, multiple applications can be run simultaneously without compromising on performance. With the X500-G2 Rugged Mobile Server expansion chassis, RAID expansion is possible, holding up to five shock-protected disk drives, offering up to five terabytes of storage. Secure encryption solutions are available from Becrypt and Viasat. The X500-G2 Rugged Mobile Server also operates on Windows Server 2012, which allows server clustering to protect against failure and deliver continuous high-performance operational up-time. This includes load balancing by distributing workloads across connected units which maximises performance levels while enhancing availability, and fault tolerance, which prevents downtime and allows continuous device operation. The X500-G2 has been designed for demanding users such as military and emergency services, and has been designed to survive critical working environments without any compromise on performance. Communication is handled seamlessly through best-in-class networking interfaces, including standard Dual Ethernet, Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 and Bluetooth (WiFi Combo BT4.0). Optional SiRFstarIVTM GPS Gobi™ mobile broadband functionality can also be specif

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