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04 Mar 14. Airbus Defence and Space has developed a new testing instrument for the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) to identify faulty assemblies. The modular maintenance device (M2D) is flexible and can be used to identify faulty assemblies, and even to carry out an assessment of the overall system. This shortens repair cycles and reduces the time it takes to restore operational readiness significantly, as the usual practice of replacing assemblies suspected of being faulty is no longer necessary and a more targeted troubleshooting process is possible. In addition, the testing instrument gives the user access to the comprehensive Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (IETD) installed on the device. Furthermore, the user can read out the hardware and software configuration, for example serial number, period of operation and current software version of individual assemblies, or update the existing software version. The equipment can be installed on any platform, from handheld computers to hardened notebooks. Thanks to the system’s modular architecture, additional test modules – even from other manufacturers – can be added onto the basic software system flexibly and in any way the user likes. As a result, the M²D can be upgraded for any hardware or system test – from radio equipment and combat vehicles to aircraft – and can therefore be used comprehensively across all branches of the armed forces.

03 Mar 14. M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. a leading supplier of high performance analog RF, microwave, and millimeter wave products, announced a new 20 W Pin-diode switch suited for high power X-Band applications. The MASW-010647 is a monolithic, terminated Silicon PIN diode SPDT switch designed for X-Band high power, high performance applications. The switch handles greater than 20W of CW power over the 8.0-10.5 GHz frequency band. The device is an innovative solution which offers customers low insertion loss of 0.8 dB as well as high isolation performance of 37 dB for their high power applications. The MASW-010647 integrates a bias network to allow for simplified bias application and switch control. The device is also fabricated using MACOM’s patented HMIC process, which allows for the integration of silicon pedestals that embed series and shunt diodes in low loss, low dispersion glass. This very small chip-scale solution benefits customers by smaller size, lower number of components, and improved yield and repeatability.

28 Feb 14. Defense Connect Online (DCO), the web conferencing and collaboration tool used by the Defense Information Systems Agency, has reached more than 1m self-registered users. “DCO has seen incredible growth since its launch in October 2007, with users from classified and unclassified networks accessing the service through their computer desktops and the mobile app,” said a DISA news release. “These users have consumed over 1bn meeting minutes in 2012 and 2013 combined (with over 670m minutes in 2013 alone).” DCO has more than 1m chat messages per week and 50m minutes and 315,000 web conferencing sessions, DISA said. Concurrent usage doubled from fiscal year 2012 to 2013. DCO runs on Adobe Connect and Adobe Digital government solutions. (Source: C4ISR & Networks)

03 Mar 14. Since announcing last March that they were developing a graphene membrane under the trademark ‘Perforene’, Lockheed Martin engineers have received at least four patents, which cover the selective perforation of graphene membranes, functionalization of membrane perforations and the use of various perforated graphene membranes in various configurations to desalinate water. Although WDR understands that Lockheed continues development work on Perforene products for desal applications, a spokesperson said that no additional information is available for release at this time. Lockheed may have g

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