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08 Jan 14. GE Intelligent Platforms announced three new PACSystems RX3i modules that provide infrastructure OEMs and systems integrators with communication protocols as “in rack” solutions. The PACSystems family of automation controllers, standardized on the market-leading PROFINET industrial network, provides an extremely high performance, reliable, yet simple to configure and install distributed I/O network. The Ethernet modules align with a growing industry trend regarding the adoption of Ethernet-based communications and work in environments where downtime is not an option. They enable connection at the device level to the software level of infrastructure organizations using object-oriented programming for greater access to actionable data. The three new modules include IEC61850, DNP3, and IEC60870-5-104 Ethernet-based communication protocols, enabling improved access to data and time-stamping of events via object-oriented programming. This allows users to troubleshoot and identify the root cause of downtime and/or system disturbances, and eliminate those disruptors. The new modules enable two-way communication between the SCADA and Intelligent Electrical Device (IED) levels. By uniting the control and software layers under a common architecture, information stored in the controller becomes more accessible and actionable.

22 Jan 14. The U.S. Air Force on Jan. 21 received the first B-1 bomber upgraded with the Boeing Integrated Battle Station, which essentially turns the B-1 into a new aircraft with the addition of full color displays, moving maps and a new diagnostics system. The upgrade, the most extensive modification program in B-1 history, enhances the bomber by giving crews greater situational awareness of what is happening in the battlespace around them, in addition to faster and more secure communication capabilities that improve crews’ ability to engage enemy targets.

23 Jan 14. API Technologies Corp. now offers a new line of radiation tolerant voltage controlled Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) oscillators (VCSO) for space, satellite communications, and aerospace systems. API Technologies is the first manufacturer of radiation tolerant VCSOs utilizing a MIL-PRF-38534 Class K certified facility. The API725 Series high performance line of SAW oscillators provides superior performance at operating frequencies of 350 MHz to 4,000 MHz. In addition, by employing a domestic, in-house SAW wafer fab, API’s design engineers are able to provide superior quality control resulting in consistently designed high-quality products. These radiation tolerant VCSOs offer an excellent solution for satellite communication systems, by providing low phase noise for enhanced system performance in frequency ranges not covered for fundamental crystal oscillators or dielectric resonator oscillators. The VCSOs deliver low phase noise performance of -109 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz and low vibration sensitivity of 2 x 10-9 per g. Although offered as standard products, these space-qualified VCSOs can also be modified to customer requirements for output frequency, frequency range, and control voltage sensitivity.

23 Jan 14. The U.S. Navy has accepted three General Dynamics C4 Systems-built ground stations for the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS). General Dynamics C4 Systems led the development and delivery of the ground systems and MUOS communications waveform; Lockheed Martin is the prime contractor for the entire MUOS system. Navy personnel will now operate the stations. The MUOS ground stations are located in Hawaii, Virginia and Australia. They act like cell phone switches, receiving radio calls relayed through MUOS satellites from service members around the globe and connecting them to ground-based Department of Defense communication networks in just seconds. The ground stations also assist in the overall manageme

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