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30 May 13. DARPA announced a sensor reference system device based on a new Android-based sensor processing core called the Adaptable Sensor System (ADAPT). The initial ADAPT reference device, called UGS (unattended ground sensor), is designed as the basis for a series of lower-cost, more upgradable sensor devices for military applications. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) ADAPT program is part of larger effort by the U.S. military that aims to reduce costs and speed production schedules for military equipment. ADAPT plans to replace the traditional practice of using defense contractors for unattended sensor equipment with an original design manufacturer (ODM) process “similar to that of the commercial smartphone industry,” says DARPA. Although DARPA has not yet released technical details about the ADAPT core and UGS reference device, it would appear to use technology similar to that found in smartphones, starting with a modified Android sensor processing core and Android apps. The compact, cylindrical UGS device is intended to provide a cost-effective ground sensing capability. The UGS device is self-powered and can wirelessly network with other sensors, as well as networked equipment like a “video monitor at an operations center,” says DARPA. (Source: Slashdot.com)

06 Jun 13. Big Data Visual Analytics Launches Powerful New IT Tool borne out of the complex demands of the US Intelligence Services. A UK company has announced the launch of an innovative new IT tool, developed within the US intelligence services capable of making the complex simple and the hidden, obvious. Big Data Visual Analytics has the distribution rights to the visual analytics platform, which enables commercial, health and security-related organizations of all shapes and sizes to extract the maximum potential from the vast amount of data they hold, identifying hidden trends, events and behaviours. Easy to manage, configure and understand, the tool blends its user-friendly interface with cutting-edge intellectual property. With ultra intelligent algorithms designed to pinpoint connections between people, behaviours and events, Big Data Visual Analytics’ solutions see what that the naked eye and traditional data analysis tools cannot. The tool connects multiple disparate datasets which are held in different formats without the need to create a new data warehouse, allowing users to quickly benefit from the reams of data they hold. This groundbreaking new capability has multiple potential applications, from managing risk and solving crimes to monitoring threats and even identifying marketing and revenue generating opportunities. The tool’s intelligence is derived from advanced algorithms developed and honed over the past decade for various National Security and intelligence applications within the US As a result, it offers powerful analytical advantages to those tasked with protecting patients, clients or citizens as well as to big businesses seeking to maximise their revenue potential through client behaviour patterns and trend recognition.

06 Jun 13. Oven Industries announces a new temperature controller for embedded applications. Oven Industries’ 5R7-001 temperature controller creates a seamless transition between heating and cooling devices, as it serves as the commander of thermoelectric modules. With a bi-directional or unidirectional H-bridge configuration, the temperature controller has many benefits. The included, user-friendly PC software makes it quick and simple for users to change any temperature control configurations, which eliminates signal interference or errant signals. The software also enables the temperature controller to operate as a stand-alone unit. A computer can also be connected to the device, for retrieving data. The 5R7-001 offers temperature setting and control through the

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