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08 Mar 13. Cassidian has introduced a new-generation jamming system specifically designed to enhance the protection of land vehicles against radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs). The multifunctional jammer analyses the signal spectrum around a vehicle and is able to jam the radio signals intended to ignite a roadside bomb in a much more targeted manner and at an earlier stage than previously possible. With the SMARTscout extension, the jamming device can now be used at the same time for signal intelligence, enhancing the comprehensive picture of the signal situation – a task that previously could only be accomplished by relatively complex systems which are difficult to deploy and consume a lot of energy. SMARTscout allows the user to deploy numerous sensors in a crisis area to obtain information on the radio communication situation in less time, bringing enhanced protection and allowing efficient planning of further operations. (Source: Shephard)

13 Mar 13. Allen-Vanguard announced the release of a further application for its software defined, open architecture EQUINOX Electronic Countermeasure system. This new application will provide remote command and control of EQUINOX units from anywhere in the world. This represents a game changer in the way ECM can be used and maintained.
“This is a very exciting development and one that shows the true versatility of a software defined system such as EQUINOX” said Allen-Vanguard CEO, Dennis Morris. The server-based application provides users global access via a web-based interface to deployed EQUINOX assets worldwide. This marks the first known real time Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity of Electronic Countermeasures. With the application, users will not only get full situational awareness of deployed systems but will be able to securely provision and get feedback from all their assets on the ground. Providing real time diagnostics and sending updated waveforms using secure communication protocols will benefit the logistics chain. Dynamically changing protective profiles will be a real boost to deployed Electronic Warfare Coordination Cells as well as headquarters which could be on the far side of the globe.

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