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15 Feb 13. General Dynamics Canada has introduced its next-generation Tactical Mobile Router, the TMR 200, a compact, modular and flexible router that can be easily configured and integrated in a variety of platforms and wireless networks. With the ability to handle high-bandwidth applications, it ensures reliable and secure communications even where wireless network infrastructures do not exist or when nodes are overloaded or off the network. It is ideally suited for tactical environments where network and vehicle electronic architectures are becoming more complex with high-definition cameras and sophisticated sensors streaming gigabits of information. Engineered specifically for in-field communications, the TMR 200 allows defence and public safety personnel, mobile command centers and central commands to share high-bandwidth applications such as situational awareness information or battle management applications, along with critical voice and data.
The TMR 200’s “intelligent management” automatically adapts to network changes and maintains reliable connections in harsh environments. It uses advanced networking technologies to store and forward vital communications if a network connection is broken. This feature provides unprecedented flexibility for defence and public safety personnel who need immediate access to high-quality information over a tactical wireless network. The TMR 200 offers the advanced networking features needed to interconnect with a vehicle’s electronic architecture and command, control, communication, computing, and intelligence (C4I) systems. In addition, it can easily interface with other systems to enable remote control of communication devices in a tactical mobile network.

20 Feb 13. NovelSat, the satellite bandwidth optimization company,
announced the introduction of Duet™ next generation software-based Echo Cancellation technology within its NS3000 Modem. Like its previous landmark innovations that changed the industry, this ground breaking new feature enables NovelSat’s Modem to transmit twice the amount of data over existing bandwidth, delivering data transmission rates of up to 730Mbps, and ensuring maximum spectral and cost efficiency. Patent pending Duet™ Echo Cancellation technology, now embedded as an OTA (over-the-Air) remotely downloadable software module in the NS3000 Modem, allows Teleports, Telcos and Cellular companies using satellite backhaul, DSNG operators and others offering data intensive applications to establish full duplex data, video and voice communication on the same transponder segment with the highest efficiency. Duet™ revolutionizes the way DSNGs operate. By supporting bi-directional communication with the studio on the same bandwidth, Duet™ offers new capabilities that were previously considered impossible. Users with symmetrical data links can particularly benefit from the transmission of twice the amount of data without leasing additional bandwidth, and the significant cost savings that ensue. The NS3000 Modem supports all applications – from the smallest links to the world’s largest pipes, a claim that no other modem can fulfill.

21 Feb 13. Pasternack Enterprises, Inc., a leading ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer and global supplier of RF and microwave products, expands inventory of in-series and between-series SMP and Mini SMP adapters for millimeter wave applications. Pasternack Enterprises’ SMP and Mini-SMP, also known as SMPM, are coaxial adapters capable of converting multiple connector types including SMP, Mini SMP, SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm and 1.85mm connectors. Frequency ratings for these SMP and SMPM microwave adapters range from 18 GHz to 65 GHz depending on type and style. These new higher frequency SMP and Mini-SMP versions are compatible and fully mate-able with Corning Gilbert GPO™ and GPPO™ connectors. Pasternack

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