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25 Jan 13. Thales Communications, Inc., a global leader in the development, manufacture, and support of innovative communications systems for warfighters, is introducing the MBITR2, at the
Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict Symposium and Exhibition (SO/LIC) in Washington, DC, on January 28, 2013. The MBITR2, the next generation Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio, builds on the legacy of the smallest, lightest, most power-efficient multiband, tactical, handheld radio in use today. By leveraging technologies based on the leading narrowband AN/PRC-148 tactical handheld radio and the leadingwideband AN/PRC-154 tactical handheld radio, the MBITR2 provides the dismounted warfighter with the ability to integrate into the wideband tactical IP and voice network via the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) wideband channel while simultaneously maintaining legacy reach-back via the narrowband channel. The MBITR2 retains interoperability with existing fielded radios and addresses tomorrow’s requirements for a next generation, wideband, networking handheld radio.

21 Jan 13. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced the introduction of the RadEye® GN+ radiation detector and the RIIDEye® GiN+, isotope identification instruments. Both devices integrate gamma and neutron scintillator detection technology, which is designed to detect nuclear and radioactive materials in all environments, as well as nuclear weapons and radiation leaks. The devices, being deployed to security, military and law enforcement agencies worldwide, are intended to serve the growing demand for more sophisticated radiation monitors with time-saving features, multi-functionality, and precise measurement capabilities. (Source: Yahoo!/BUSINESS WIRE)

23 Jan 13. Building on a longstanding record of solid leadership supporting the backbone of military communications, leaders of the Data Link Solutions (DLS) joint venture between BAE Systems and Rockwell Collins have signed an agreement to extend this successful relationship. A ceremonial signing took place at the Carnegie Library in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the agreement. DLS provides a total system solution for implementing Link-16, which is the tactical backbone for the United States, Allied Nations, and Coalition Forces. Established in 1996, this joint venture optimizes the combined strengths of two international experts in military communications – BAE Systems and Rockwell Collins. DLS now supports networked communications in 33 countries operating on Link-16, with an installed base of 6,000 terminals worldwide and a portfolio of more than $2bn in product orders. As the only provider of all Link-16 variants, DLS is uniquely positioned to provide upgraded capabilities to all Link-16 terminals currently in use worldwide.

21 Jan 13. Extended-reliability versions of Freescale’s PC837x PowerQUICC® II Pro communications processor PC8378 and PC8379 are now available from e2v for networking applications in aerospace, defence and demanding outdoor environments. The PowerQUICC® II Pro PC8378 and PC8379 processors deliver industry leading performance in the sub 5 watt power category. They are built on a Power Architecture® e300c4s processor core — operating at frequencies of up to 800MHz
— with PCI Express® and serial-ATA (SATA) controllers, as well as dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers. These processors are built on Freescale’s 90nm technology to deliver reliability and high-performance, in a very low power envelope. These sub 5W communications processors are well-suited for aerospace and defence communications systems and are also fully software compatible with PC603e, allowing for easy system upgrades without compromising reliability and at minimal software qualification cost. (Source: Yahoo!/Marketwire)

22 Jan 13. Applied Instrument Technologies, Inc. announced the introduction

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