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08 Jan 13. ITT Exelis has developed a capability, known as the Helios™ platform, that enables traffic and other cameras to function as weather sensors, providing more accurate, real-time environmental intelligence for better decision-making and response. The Helios platform integrates networks of surveillance cameras already in use to watch traffic, facility security and railroad assets for weather monitoring. It aggregates disparate images into a single source and uses algorithms and image processing to reveal actionable real-time environmental intelligence.
“Hyper-local weather data provided to national and local agencies, utility companies, transportation services and first responders can help in their decision-making process and ultimately save lives and resources,” Webster said.
Users can identify an area of interest for monitoring and select vantage points based on location, direction of view or National Weather Service warnings. (Source: Yahoo!/BUSINESS WIRE)

07 Jan 13. Lexar introduced the Lexar® Professional 1100x XQD™ card and XQD USB 3.0 Reader for professional photographers and videographers and advanced photo and video enthusiasts. Available in capacities of 32GB and 64GB, the Lexar Professional 1100x XQD card adheres to the XQD specification for next-generation DSLR camera models backed by Nikon and Sony. The Lexar Professional XQD card delivers a minimum guaranteed read transfer speed of 1100x (168MB per second),* allowing users to quickly capture and store high-quality images, 1080p full-HD and 3D video, and up to 100 frames in RAW format in continuous shooting mode.** Smaller and more rugged than other card formats, the Lexar Professional 1100x XQD card provides exceptional resilience to water, temperature, shock, and vibration, making it an excellent choice for shooting in extreme conditions.

09 Jan 13. US Army releases sources sought notice for NIE 14.1 exercise. The US Army has issued a sources sought notice requesting interested industry and government sources to participate in the lateste Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) exercise, NIE 14.1. Processed through the army’s System of Systems Integration (SoSI) Directorate, the notification aims to identify emerging capabilities that can improve the current network systems abilities for validation against a set of entrance criteria in a relevant environment. The mature solutions are currently at the representative model or prototype system stage, and are capable of meeting specific identified gaps in the existing and future networked equipment solution set. SoSI director colonel Rob Carpenter said the implementation of the common operating environment would enable the army to validate non-networked operational energy systems and serve as a prominent part of NIE 14.1.Identified gaps mentioned by the army include the brigade/battalion command post (CP) mobility and scalability, network visualisation on the common operational picture (COP), aerial layer network extension, which include supply of assured access for terrestrial network, integrated network assurance-network access control, as well as operational energy. A request for proposal (RFP) was first issued by army in December 2012, enabling the service to seek solutions for targeted capability gaps in support of NIE 14.1 assessments. The NIE 14.1 is scheduled to be conducted in the US at Fort Bliss in Texas and and White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), New Mexico, in October/November 2013. The semi-annual exercise series is aimed at further integrating and advancing the army’s tactical network, as well as accelerating and enhancing the way networked and non-networked technologies are provided to troops. (Source: armytechnology.com)

08 Jan 13. Lexar announced three new USB 3.0 flash drives: the Lexar® JumpDrive® P10, the Lexar JumpDrive S33, and the Lexar JumpD

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