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10 Oct 12. General Dynamics C4 Systems introduced the new TACLANE®-MultiBook laptop, now certified by the National Security Agency (NSA) to secure network communications to the Secret level and below. Government, agency and state and local law enforcement and related organizations may now use the TACLANE-MultiBook. The MultiBook can operate simultaneously on unclassified and classified networks and securely on the public Internet. It also protects information stored in the computer’s solid-state drive using the proven ProtecD@R® technology. Before the TACLANE-MultiBook, multiple computers were needed to provide full separation of classified and unclassified information or connect to the commercial Internet and secure military and government networks. The TACLANE-MultiBook helps to ensure that sensitive information is not compromised if the computer is lost or stolen. Considered a Cryptographic High Valued Product (CHVP), the MultiBook has less stringent handling requirements than a controlled cryptographic item (CCI) and enables secure interoperability with U.S. government and military networks. Available with a number of options, the TACLANE-MultiBook can be ordered now. The list price starts at $5,790. The MultiBook is also available on the GSA schedule. For a complete list of features, benefits and specifications visit, www.gdc4s.com/MultiBook.

18 Oct 12. DeLorme announced the release of a significant upgrade to its XMap GIS suite. XMap 8 software is a form-based field data collection and editing system designed to optimize the transfer of information between GIS administrators and field personnel. Ideal for users who are not GIS specialists, XMap 8 helps mobile professionals to more efficiently record field observations and automatically synchronize the data with a master database. XMap 8 features a new database manager for enterprise users, which allows for quick selection of groups and individual users for subscriptions, and multi-select for both users and layers. The new version also features improved project file management and updated base maps that can be used to correct older project files. XMap 8 data and software installations have also been updated and optimized for larger institutions. Future updates can be easily patched without having to reinstall the entire application. Additionally, when paired with the company’s inReach™ device, the new team tracking tab on XMap 8 allows multiple users to be tracked in real time over DeLorme base maps and user-data. Alerts can be customized indicating user movement, such as “no motion,” “no communication,” or SOS, in the event of an emergency. The team-tracking tool also supports geo-fencing alerts based on GIS objects.

15 Oct 12. Boeing is consciously taking a departure from its normal design process in coming up with a concept for the forthcoming U.S. Air Force T-38C replacement competition. This process could help shape the company’s bids for other Pentagon competitions to come — such as the Unmanned Carrier-Launched Surveillance and Strike (Uclass) and next-generation bomber. The very fact that the company is planning to compete with a clean-sheet design is viewed by some analysts as bold. Senior Air Force officials have said they want to proceed with a program at the lowest possible cost and risk. The likely candidates are thought to be the existing designs now being pitched by foreign suppliers — BAE’s Hawk-based concept, the Korea Aerospace Industries/Lockheed Martin T-50 and Alenia Aermacchi’s M346. These companies all tout their designs as inexpensive because the development costs have already been paid by other customers. The ability to build something new is an advantage, though, according to Chris Chadwick, president of Boeing Military Aircraft. “We are going to try to disrupt the market with a purpose-built platform that

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