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20 Aug 12. Topcon Positioning Systems announced the new HiPer SR – a highly advanced GNSS RTK receiver with the most compact and lightweight design of any fully integrated precision receiver – ever. With the HiPer SR, Topcon is expanding the delivery of high-accuracy RTK technology to a variety of users – surveyors who need a tool for small boundary or stakeout work, non-traditional users such as landscape architects who need a low-cost mapping solution, law enforcement or any others requiring high-accuracy 3D positioning. Topcon, who led the precision RTK receiver industry with the first ever fully integrated systems, continues to set the standard with state-of-the-art devices combining leading technology in ultra-compact designs. Cable-free and simple to operate, the HiPer SR is the most compact professional-grade base and rover RTK system available. The field-rugged and fully-integrated design delivers a 1,000-foot working radius through Topcon’s new LongLink™ technology. This innovative wireless data link was developed specifically for the HiPer SR, and provides reliable and interference-free RTK base-to-rover communications that don’t require an FCC license to operate. Base and rover units can be used interchangeably. The HiPer SR is also offered as a dedicated network rover, and at only 1.8 pounds (0.8kg) – is the lightest full-precision system available. All standard RTK correction formats and network protocols are supported, and a comprehensive range of field workflows are realized with the Magnet family of cloud-enabled software solutions. Topcon’s Universal Tracking Channel™ technology combined with the HiPer SR’s 226-channel Vanguard™ GNSS chip provides the ultimate platform for network RTK performance, both for today and in the future. Topcon’s Vanguard GNSS chip is at the “heart of the HiPer SR.” In addition to precision measurement and advanced multipath rejection, the chip offers support for all modernized GNSS constellations and incorporates Topcon’s patented Universal Tracking Channel technology. While other GNSS receiver designs must dedicate channels to a specific satellite system or signal – requiring more and more channels as additional GNSS signals become available – with Universal Tracking Channels, any channel can track any available signal. This powerful capability enables the multi-constellation tracking that professionals expect – but with lower power consumption and system weight. Additionally, as more GNSS signals come online, this flexibility enables the 226 channel Vanguard design to ‘scale-up’ and track more signals than other GNSS systems. (Source: BUSINESS WIRE)

22 Aug 12. VCC has developed a new series of low profile, panel-flush light pipes that are designed to blend in with the panel until they are illuminated and facilitate easy panel removal. Designated the LPCM Series, the light pipes are made of clear, optical grade acrylic for maximum light transmission, and will mate to any PCB using SMD 4. VCC’s new RoHS-compliant light pipes are available in 10 standard lengths spanning 0.3 inches to 1.2 inches; custom lengths are available upon request. Ideal applications for the series include: security cameras, entertainment systems, telephone systems, panel and cabinet illumination, and medical devices.

24 Aug 12. US Army funds development of early blood loss detection sensors. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has received a grant from the US Army for the development of sensors that could save the lives of wounded soldiers by helping in the early detection of blood loss on the battlefield. As part of a $1.5m grant, WPI will produce miniaturised wireless sensors and develop mathematical algorithms required to process signals from the sensors, enabling simultaneous measurement of seven physiological parameters, including a unique way to detect bleeding.

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