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23 Jul 12. The Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) has taken delivery of a full, national Link 16 infrastructure and new network management system (NMS) from Thales UK. The systems were delivered as part of a contract signed with the FMV in September 2009, to help enhance the data exchange capabilities of the Swedish Armed Forces. According to the company, the newly delivered system will facilitate secure exchange of tactical data between the country’s Link 16 equipped platforms and national command and control system, in addition to offering support for monitoring frequency clearance agreements and management of the Link 16 network. The coordinated data sharing between Link 16 equipped tactical units, such as fighter jets, with ground reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft, will provide the armed forces with a readily available and combined picture of the operational environment during combat. Featuring a data link interface processor (DLIP) with joint range extension (JRE) and multifunctional information distribution system (MIDS) capabilities, the NMS optimises the data link environment to help Swedish, Nato and coalition forces train on the battlefield. (Source: armytechnology.com)

25 Jul 12. Envitia announced the launch of the MapLink Pro ENC (Electronic Navigation Chart) Viewer. The MapLink Pro ENC Viewer is a Windows application that provides the capability to visualise maritime S-57 data via compliant S-52 charting specification. The viewer also supports S-63 encrypted data. The MapLink Pro ENC Viewer is available as a free download from www.envitia.com.
The features of the viewer include:
* Chart display with scale tools.
* Import S-63 and S-57 data.
* Full implementation of the S-63 standard
* Configurable S-52 tables and symbology.
The viewer is built with the MapLink Pro SDK and provides an example of how developers can rapidly integrate nautical data and visualisation capabilities into maritime applications including ECDIS and WECDIS. MapLink Pro also enables Situational Awareness and C2 Systems to access the same data that is being used by ECDIS and WECDIS systems. MapLink Pro enables developers to combine maritime geospatial data such as ENC S-57 (S-63 S-52), AML, DNC, HCRF, DBDBV 6.2 with other non-maritime data sources (full list available on website). MapLink Pro also provides a set of web services that enable maritime interoperability through open standards. MapLink Pro provides maritime information superiority to a wide range of systems such as:
* Maritime Situational Awareness
* Maritime C2-C4 Systems
* Port and Harbour Management
* Traffic Management Systems
* Training and Simulation
* Naval Combat Systems
MapLink Pro provides a framework to develop maritime chart and navigation applications specifically to meet your needs. MapLink Pro is designed to support both onshore and offshore maritime situational awareness applications. MapLink Pro has more than 7000 deployed systems worldwide and is the geospatial toolkit of choice for the world’s leading System and Technology Integrators. There is a 30-day evaluation version of MapLink Pro 7.0 available to download at www.envitia.com.

23 Jul 12. The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are expected to outspend each of their sister services roughly two-to-one on electronic warfare (EW) programs during the next decade. In a 10-year period from fiscal 2008-17, the Navy and Marines have spent or are set to spend a cumulative total of about $21.9bn, based on analysis and data provided by Avascent 050, an online market analysis toolkit for global defense programs. Combined, all of the services will have spent or are slated to spend a cumulative total of about $44.2bn during that time, the analysis shows. The U.S. Air Force will have spent or is budgeted to spend a total of $12.3bn in that time frame, while the Arm

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