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19 Apr 12. Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS) has licensed Northrop Grumman Corporation’s recently patented air-flow-through (AFT) cooling technology for use in CWCDS’s rugged, deployed embedded systems. Compliant with the new ANSI/VITA 48.5-2010 standard, CWCDS will offer Northrop Grumman’s AFT cooling technology, which uses highly rugged, sealed processor modules, on several of its VPX (VITA 46/48/65) systems for use in dense, high performance systems such as those deployed in C4ISR applications, including SIGINT, ELINT, COMINT and radar processing. Northrop Grumman’s AFT technology (U.S. Patent Number 7,995,346) improves the air cooling of advanced electronic modules through the use of a compact core style heat exchanger design that significantly increases the cooling efficiency of removable electronic modules such as VPX (VITA 46/48) cards. CWCDS will offer Northrop Grumman’s AFT cooling technology on its wide range of rugged fully integrated VPX-based embedded systems. This new advanced thermal management approach provides a highly efficient open standards-based cooling method that ensures optimal performance from densely integrated host boards and mezzanine modules. In addition, AFT modules are sealed in rugged “shells” that support Two-Level Maintenance, for in-the-field replacement of individual card assemblies without requiring specialized technicians or the removal of the entire sub-system to ensure safe module replacement or technology upgrades.

19 Apr 12. Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS) has introduced a new rugged chassis designed to support a development-to-deployment approach that reduces risk, schedule, and cost. The new D2D™ ¾ ATR, a 6-slot ¾ ATR-style forced air/conduction cooled chassis, eases the design of 3U OpenVPX™-based systems by enabling the system integrator to use the same enclosure, via simple configuration upgrades, throughout the complete program lifecycle, from development to demonstration and all the way to deployment. The D2D ¾ ATR chassis is the newest member of CWCDS’s Hybricon® family of advanced COTS electronic packaging solutions.
“Our new D2D ¾ ATR chassis eases and speeds system development by providing a single, cost-effective approach to integration, from the lab to the field, using the very same chassis at every phase of the application’s evolution,” said Lynn Bamford, senior vice president and general manager of Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions group. “This single platform for development, demonstration and deployment cuts design risk and boosts reliability.”The rugged D2D ¾ ATR enclosure supports up to 6 slots of 3U 1.0″ pitch payload OpenVPX cards. The D2D ¾ ATR simplifies the integration process by providing a single enclosure that can be used equally well for in-lab development and fielded deployment. It is ideal for demanding SWAP-C constrained military, aerospace and first responder applications.

20 Apr 12. France has launched the first phase of its strategic Contact tactical radio programme, aimed to enhance the security and tactical combat capabilities of its dismounted infantry and armoured vehicles. French Defence Minister Gerard Longuet said that Contact was part of an ambitious set of programmes, defined by the military planning law, to modernise the equipment of the armed forces. “The launch of the Contact programme is necessary and cannot suffer any delays related to economic conditions. It’s the same for all the major equipment programmes for our forces,” Longuet added. Thales Communications has been selected for the €263m first phase of the programme, which will be broadly focused on development work. An essential element of the Scorpion programme, Contact tactical radios will form a crucial part of the security and tactical combat capabilities of dismoun

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