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06 May 05. Intel Corp. lined up Sprint Corp. to test a highly touted technology called WiMAX, a major focus of Intel’s crusade to become a bigger player in the wireless business. The companies said they had reached an agreement to advance the development of WiMAX, a cousin of the familiar WiFi technology that backers hope will blanket entire cities with high-speed Internet access. Other companies are testing WiMAX, including AT&T Corp., but Sprint’s interest is significant because it operates one of the biggest U.S. data networks based on technology from Qualcomm Inc.Oliver Valente, Sprint’s chief technology officer, said his company plans to upgrade to a version of Qualcomm’s technology that could offer mobile users average transmission speeds of 400 to 700 kilobits per second. But WiMAX could make it possible to deliver several megabits of data per second, enough speed for video and data services for devices beyond phones, he added. (Source: WSJ)

22 Apr 05. Raytheon Company made public its International Surface Launched, Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile (SL-AMRAAM) program during roll out activities this week in Washington. The SL-AMRAAM is a state of the art air defense system that can defeat current and emerging cruise missiles and a wide range of air breathing threats. SL-AMRAAM can provide cutting edge capability to protect critical assets in maneuver warfare or homeland defense missions. This available, affordable and adaptable system is interoperable with the PATRIOT and other air defense systems.

05 May 05. SMART Technologies Inc. announces the launch of the AirLiner(TM) WS100 wireless slate. Users can now enjoy the freedom of controlling their computer and digital content from the AirLiner wireless slate anywhere in the room via its Bluetooth(R) connection. The AirLiner wireless slate ships with SMART Board(TM) software and can be used with SMART Board interactive whiteboards and Sympodium(TM) interactive pen displays, or independently with a computer and projector. Users can move about a room as they control applications and write or draw in digital ink while others follow along by watching the projected image. Multiple AirLiner wireless slate users can also write at the same time, improving collaboration between participants.

18 Apr 05. CARACAL, a new tactical vehicle for the Bundeswehr: Rheinmetall and Iveco Magirus enter cooperation agreement Rheinmetall and Iveco Magirus have agreed to work together in the field of wheeled, 6 to 8 ton-class armoured vehicles for the German market. As part of this agreement, Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH of Kiel, the Land Systems division of the Rheinmetall Group, has obtained the German rights to Iveco’s newly developed Light Modular Vehicle (LMV). Rheinmetall Landsysteme (RLS) will be responsible for adapting the vehicle to the needs of the Bundeswehr, as well as the integration of application-specific assemblies and weapon stations. The agreement also lays the groundwork for possible marketing of the vehicle abroad by Rheinmetall.
The new RLS vehicle will be marketed under the name CARACAL after the Afro-Asian cat; also known as the desert lynx. During intensive trials the vehicle has already been successfully qualified in extra-European operational scenarios, and is being procured in large numbers by the armies of the United Kingdom and Italy. Under the rubric of its “Armoured Command and Transport Vehicle” project, the Bundeswehr has also announced its interest in the vehicle, which is both well protected and highly mobile. In March of this year, an “expression of interest procedure” was initiated. Specifically designed to the meet the multifaceted requirements levied on vehicles of this type, the CARACAL will make a major contribution to protecting troops during dangerous deployments. At the same time, the CARACAL fills a previously existing gap in Rheinmetall’s portfolio of

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