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26 Oct 04. The BLightER radar is designed to detect moving targets ranging from a walking person to a fast moving vehicle. Target classification can be performed using range, range-rate and target size information. Enhanced target classification can be performed using an optional target doppler audio output facility, allowing a trained operator to identify different targets. The BLightER radar uses either a wireless network interface or an Ethernet interface to a standard personal computer (PC) or PDA. The radar target information and clutter map are displayed either on the PC/laptop/PDA screen or interfaced to other software applications for sensor networking, target tracking or overlaying onto GIS mapping systems. The BLightER radar may be used for many applications including; Homeland Security, airport and secure-area protection, asset protection, border surveillance, perimeter monitoring, personnel protection, pipeline and utility services protection and auto-detection for existing security camera systems.
The current BLightER family consists of four products:
* BLightER 400 series – High performance, e-Scan radar
* BLightER 300 series – Mechanical scan radar
* BLightER 200 series – Low cost, e-Scan radar
* BLightER 100 series – Fixed beam intrusion detector
Plextek has developed a portable Technology Demonstrator for the low cost printed e-scan antenna based BLightER 200. See BLightER 201TD

Plextek showed the new version the Blighter 201 TD, Technology Demonstrator on the stand. This version is designed to pick up fast moving objects around the arc of the radar. The technology specific to the demonstrator includes:
Plextek’s low cost electronic beam-scanning (e-scan) antenna technology; Fast-tuning, wide-band, low noise frequency synthesiser; adoption of commercial technology and standards; advanced signal processing on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and microprocessor standards; integrated GPS and compass; use of standard PCs and PDAs; integration of complex electronics into a compact robust enclosure.

28 Oct 04. LynuxWorks(TM) Inc. announced the latest version of its LynxOS-178(R) real-time operating system (RTOS), adding support for ARINC-653 APplication/EXecutive (APEX) interface to meet the most stringent safety and reliability standards for military and commercial avionics systems. With this latest release of LynxOS-178, LynuxWorks is providing a COTS operating system that delivers the security and real-time responsiveness needed for
safety-critical systems, with a level of POSIX and ARINC-653 compliance previously unavailable in the avionics industry.

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