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08 Nov 04. ICS (Interactive Circuits & Systems Ltd.) announce the ICS-645C. A development of the innovative and market-leading ICS-645 ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion) Board, the ICS-645C is a differential input, high speed, high precision PCI Bus data acquisition card designed for high frequency sonar and high speed test and measurement applications. Key features of the ICS-645C are its onboard front end signal conditioning capability, allowing a simpler, more cost-effective, more compact and more portable solution to be implemented; high impedance differential inputs, delivering broad application flexibility; and inclusion of the FPDP II (Front Panel Data Port), providing high speed output that maximizes performance. It is ideally suited for high frequency sonar applications such as mine hunting; transient applications such as weapon and explosive testing; and for dynamic applications such as rocket and jet engine testing which require a large number of high bandwidth channels.

18 Nov 04. After relocating early in January the Sharm-El-Sheikh airplane black boxes in 1000m of water depth, ACSA Underwater GPS goes deeper. The Italian Institute For Nuclear Physics, INFN, has ordered a set of synchronous beacons that will be laid in 3000 m to position an unlimited number of neutrinos detection spheres. The spheres will be occupying a cube having one kilometer in all dimensions. The system composed of seabed synchronous beacons and acoustic digital receivers mounted inside the glass spheres will offer a submetric accuracy. Delivery of the system will take place in 2005. For this application, ACSA will introduce a new powerful patented technology known as Time Spectral Spread Codes, “TSSC”. The small size of the equipment developed by ACSA open the path to new commercial and military applications, where numerous underwater mobiles are encountered. ACSA is a French SME based in the south of France specialized in underwater applications of GPS, well known for the GIB tracking buoys which encounter numerous successes worldwide in military and commercial fields.

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