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Aug 04. Raytheon Tests SilentEyes(TM). The tests, conducted in May and June, demonstrated the first capability toward removing a human from harm’s way with a low-cost UAV, while delivering the same effectiveness. SilentEyes is designed to operate in close proximity to a potential target to collect clear images so an operator can make incontestable combat identification and target confirmation.
For the tests, SilentEyes was loaded in a canister magazine and launched by the MQ-9 flight crew from the Predator ground control station (GCS). Upon release, SilentEyes deployed its wings, flew autonomously and transmitted target images with its data link through the MQ-9 data link to the GCS for video display and processing. SilentEyes was commanded via the MQ-9 to alternate waypoints and target locations. SilentEyes was configured with the Cloud Cap Technology Piccolo Plus flight computer and Raytheon’s MicroLight (TM) data link. The test demonstration was managed by the US Air Force Aeronautical Systems Center. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. supported the flight testing. (Source: Raytheon Company)

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