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Oct 07. Massif 4×4 at Amsterdam. Iveco says it will use the Rai truck show at Amsterdam to launch its new Santana-derived 4×4 workhorse, the Massif. The new vehicle will be the centrepiece of the firm’s off-road vehicle display, which will also include the recently launched Daily 4×4. (Source: Transport News Brief)

Oct 07. Aitech Defense Systems Inc. has released the new high performance C108, the latest addition to Aitech’s extensive C10x SBC series, for use in both new and legacy military embedded applications. For newer applications, the rugged 6U single-slot VME single board computer (SBC) offers up to 1.4 GHz of processing power via the G4+ PowerPC (PPC) MPC7448 processor, the highest performing Freescale PowerPC. For legacy applications, the board features pin-to-pin backplane and I/O compatibility with previous Aitech processor boards employing the PPC MPC74xx processor family allowing easy, cost-effective upgrades to newer technology. As with all Aitech SBCs used in military embedded applications, including mission management computers, heads-up display controllers, radar and sonar processors and advanced IED (Improvised Explosive Device) autonomous vehicle protection subsystems, the C108 provides numerous I/O capabilities for exceptional flexibility.

29 Oct 07. Harris Corporation announced its award-winning CENTRIO™ broadcast multiviewer has been expanded to provide military and government customers with more options for implementing the latest multiviewer technology for command and control, communication, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. The solution is part of Harris Corporation’s portfolio of products, systems and services supporting the Department of Defense Global Information Grid, which are being displayed during MILCOM 2007 in Orlando, Fla. The CENTRIO™ multiviewer is a breakthrough multi-image processor that features superior graphics, industry-proven architecture and integrated test and measurement tools and provides capabilities uniquely suited to defense and intelligence communities. CENTRIO™ allows users to create different views of the world and fuse them into one image that can be routed anywhere, making video analysis a shared work tool among organizations. The multiviewer enables users to build a distributed visualization of data sets, shared through one display and routed to other locations in real time. For mission-critical applications, the CENTRIO multiviewer’s on-screen control and built-in rules designer allow users to view more information and respond to the system more quickly and effectively. The rules designer can be set up to recognize military-based language or other criteria, and then send alerts through a variety of means. Video analysts can, for example, program the CENTRIO™ multiviewer to alert them when motion is detected in a critical video event, then enlarge that image and send out alarms on the multiviewer as well as into a computer network. The CENTRIO multiviewer can be connected to many networks and integrate data from more than 512 video or audio inputs, thermal sensors, x-ray machines, surveillance cameras and more into one visual package. When CENTRIO is connected to a network, it can automatically notify users by PDA, cell phone or other mechanisms that an event has occurred. CENTRIO is among a wide range of Harris solutions that optimize the core processing workflows of today’s broadcast, government and military operations. The multiviewer is available as a standalone platform or as part of a system solution integrated with the Harris® Platinum™ router.

25 Oct 07. Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing has introduced a new rugged high performance, quad channel Serial Front Panel Data Port (SFPDP) card that delivers sustained data rates up to 247 MB per second on each of its four channels. The new FibreXtreme SL100/SL240 Serial FPDP card, based on

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