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FLIR Systems highlighted the company’s innovative electro-optic and infrared systems (EO/IR) including new product introductions:
Talon® (New): The Talon continues FLIR Government Systems’ tradition of providing military-qualified EO/IR systems that operate on a variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, ships, small boats and land vehicles. The Talon is a program-proven, lightweight, gyro-stabilized 9” turret that contains up to five payloads simultaneously, an industry first for compact gimbals. Stemming directly from technologies developed for the AN/KAX-1 and AN/KAX-2, AN/ZSQ-3, ESS, SIRVSS and other programs. Because of this heritage of fielded systems, the Talon contains proven technologies from real-world operations around the globe, uniquely combining leading edge performance with beyond-Mil Spec design.
*Trackfire Remote Weapon System (RWS) (New): With decades of experience in the design and development of military sights, FLIR is now entering the Remote Weapon Station Sight (RWSS) segment. The cost-effective FLIR RWSS systems family includes multi-sensor sights based on uncooled as well as cooled IR, including Day-TV and laser rangefinder (LRF). FLIR Government Systems is providing the thermal sight for the SAAB Trackfire RWS, on display at the booth.

*HISS (New): This high performance thermal weapon sight is a detachable sniper scope for use with a wide variety of military sniper weapons and their standard optical scopes (up to 15X). HISS provides full operational capability in all light levels and works in-line with the day sniper scope, serving as its eyepiece. Additionally, HISS can be detached and reattached to the sniper weapon without loosing the “bore sight” of the day scope, significantly improving operator performance and tactical flexibility. HISS weighs less than four pounds, and will operate for over seven hours using standard CR-123A batteries. HISS has been successfully tested on weapons up to and including .50 caliber.

* Mission Equipment Package (MEP): The MEP is the result of a program executed by FLIR Systems for the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM), Communications and Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC), and the Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD). MEP is a Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition with Laser Designator (RSTA+LD) sensor system targeted for Tier II and Class II UAVs. FLIR Systems’ MEP sets new standards in size, capability, and performance for EO/IR tactical surveillance systems. Key payload features include both cooled and uncooled infrared (IR) imagers, a digital daylight CCD-TV camera, laser designator and laser rangefinder – all packaged in a system 7.25” in diameter and weighing 16 pounds.

Other systems on display or available for demo at the booth:
Ranger® HRC™
Recon® III FP
ThermoVision® 3000 Multisensor with Nexus™
WideEye® II

BATTLESPACE is publishing an interview with FLIR CEO Earl Lewis in the Feb-March issue to be distributed at AUSA Winter in Fort Lauderdale.

Oct 07. Racal Acoustics demonstrated the first digital implemented module of its Digital Communications Platform (DCP) at this year’s AUSA Annual Meeting after launching it at DSEi last month. The module forms the digital engine of the planned suite of products that Racal Acoustics intends to launch over the coming months and years. The new technology is ‘plug and play’ ready meaning that it can easily be inserted into existing headsets. From an applications standpoint, the module acts as a blank digital canvas allowing other applications / features to be added in the future. These may also involve third party IP. On the field, users benefit from improved hearing protection, meaning that they can work longer hours in line with current health and safety guidelines. This initial digital modu

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