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26 May 04. Radstone Technology announced a processor upgrade for the company’s PPCM1 dual processor PowerPC card. The latest version of the PPCM1 includes two Motorola 7457 PowerPC processors operating at 1 GHz, enabling the board to deliver twice the performance of the previous version in compute-intensive applications. The PPCM1 Dual Processor PowerPC card – the first member of Radstone’s XtraPower(TM) family of COTS PowerPC processor boards – broke new ground at its introduction as the first rugged dual-processor SBC to feature a loosely-coupled architecture. With this architecture, because each processing node is fully independent, the card delivers the full throughput of two complete SBCs – allowing better real-time performance and easier implementation by comparison with tightly-coupled architectures. This also provides the opportunity to design a high degree of redundancy into a single VME slot.

21 May 04. The DD(X) National Team, led by Northrop Grumman Corporation has introduced the U.S. Navy’s first shipboard active phased array multifunction radar, AN/SPY-3, designed to meet all horizon search and fire control
requirements for the 21st century fleet. The SPY-3 multifunction radar, designed by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems combines the functions provided by more than five separate radars currently aboard Navy surface combatants. SPY-3 supports new ship design requirements for a reduced radar cross section, significantly reduced manning requirements, and total ownership cost

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