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27 Sep 07. Z Microsystems unveiled its innovative new Tranzstor MTRS (Multi-Terabyte RAID Subsystem)-a 24 Terabyte modular RAID storage system capable of capturing and storing immense volumes of surveillance, reconnaissance and mapping data in harsh field-deployed environments. The dilemma for field-deployed C4ISR data acquisition has been how to easily store and securely transport the massive amounts of incoming data in the confined spaces and harsh conditions of forward deployed assets. The compact 24 Terabyte Tranzstor MTRS addresses this problem with a rugged modular design consisting of four system level building blocks: A docking chassis, hot-swappable “Six-Pak” data storage modules, hot-swappable power supplies and plug-in RAID controller cards. All in only 4U of standard 19″ vertical rack space.
Docking Chassis
The Tranzstor MTRS docking chassis hosts four Six-Pak data storage modules for a total of 24 drives. Providing power, drive management and additional protection, the chassis allows high throughput connectivity to a single, or multiple, host computers using 4, 8 or 16 PCI Express lanes-accelerating the flow of archived command and control information to commanders across the battlefield. Full modularity allows the Tranzstor MTRS to seamlessly accommodate applications within CPoF, MBCOTM and UAV programs.
“Six-Pak” Hot-Swappable Modules
Each Tranzstor MTRS Six-Pak data storage module houses six SATA or SAS 1TB disk drives in an environmentally protected enclosure that is hermetically sealed for use in positive or negative pressure environments. An optional internal heater tames the coldest conditions while hot-swappability allows for easy removal of the modules for secure storage or “on the fly” replacement should more storage capacity be needed during the mission.
Power Paks
The Tranzstor MTRS’s system redundancy is ensured by utilizing three MIL-SPEC, hot-swappable, N+1 load sharing Power Pak modules. Each module provides 600W of AC or 28VDC power.
RAID Controllers
A remote PCI Express backplane allows the user to choose from multiple COTS RAID controllers that can support connectivity to multiple host computers. The six drives from each module can also be independently assigned to the RAID controllers, allowing users in the field to easily segment and prioritize their data storage. The compact and fully modular Tranzstor MTRS brings multi-Terabyte RAID storage to the front lines of field deployed computing-helping our fighting forces achieve their goal of quick deployability and superior access to tactical information.

27 Sep 07. Lockheed Martin successfully completed the Paveway II Dual Mode Laser Guided Bomb (DMLGB) First Article Test program and is now the only qualified source for delivery of DMLGB kits to the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. The Navy Qualification Test Program, conducted from December 2006 through March 2007 at the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, China Lake Test Range, Calif., consisted of 25 DMLGBs released from AV-8B and F/A-18 aircraft. Various release conditions were executed and the terminal impact control was successfully demonstrated. The DMLGBs were released against both horizontal and vertical targets and consistently hit well within the Navy’s required Circular Error Probability.

24 Sep 07. QuickLogic announces that the one million gate version of PolarPro, the industry’s lowest power programmable logic technology, is now available in a mil-spec temperature rating. This innovative programmable device, incorporating embedded memory with built-in FIFO control, and advanced clock management control units, offers unparalleled design security. “We have a long history with the military industry in the areas of flight controls, avionics, missile systems, navigation systems, smart munitions and military communications systems. Our military customers value our technology, and many o

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