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12 Sep 07. Demonstrating not only the company’s innovation but also its market-leading commitment to bringing the benefits of the MicroTCA™ standard to customers as rapidly as possible, GE Fanuc Embedded Systems today announced two new MicroTCA platforms, the MicroTCA MP-2000 and MicroTCA MP-3000. Both platforms are scalable – allowing each to be easily upgraded – and pre-validated, meaning that each has been pre-configured and pre-tested, ensuring that customer development and deployment times are kept to the minimum possible. Field-proven IPMI code is provided to ensure interoperability. Each platform is designed to deliver the performance and flexibility needed for cost-sensitive network-centric MicroTCA development applications in a variety of markets including telecom, commercial and military. The MicroTCA MP-2000 platform features a 2U, 13-slot MicroTCA chassis while the MicroTCA MP-3000 features an 8U, 15-slot MicroTCA chassis. Both platforms come pre-configured with a Power Module, dual Cooling Units, and MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) with PCI Express fabric module, together with GE Fanuc Embedded Systems Telum™ Intel®-based processor, dual SATA storage modules, multi-port Gigabit Ethernet I/O interface and VGA graphics AdvancedMCs. A Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) operating system and Linux Support Package (LSP) with CGL drivers are pre-installed on the platforms.

10 Sep 07. Live fire test of Rheinmetall Defence’s CORECT guidance module has confirmed its effectiveness in impressive fashion. The new satellite-supported flight path guidance modules successfully guided two CORECT-MLRS test rockets to a target 20km away with compelling precision, compensating for a lateral error of approximately 300m. This proves the technical and operational effectiveness of the CORECT guidance module in conjunction with MLRS. The live fire test successfully concludes the second stage of the demonstrator programme, carried out by Rheinmetall Defence on behalf of Germany’s Federal Office for Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB). The company will now submit a budget proposal for final development, pre-production preparations and serial manufacture. With CORECT, Rheinmetall engineers at the company’s Stockach and Unterluess plants have developed an advanced satellite-supported guidance system that significantly enhances the accuracy of ballistic artillery systems. The new system reduces deviation from the intended target to less than 50m, a clear improvement over currently fielded artillery systems, which sometimes miss their targets by several hundred metres. This increase in accuracy enables reduced warhead weight without sacrificing effectiveness. Compared to the original MLRS rocket, the CORECT-MLRS has a considerably greater maximum effective range – without having to modify the rocket engine.

14 Sep 07. Aitech Defense Systems, Inc. has upgraded its high density M222 PMC to provide sustained data transfer rates of over 130 MB per second via FPGA-based DMA controllers. The board consumes less than 7 W of power and incorporates up to 64 GB of NAND Flash memory in two independent banks with integrated DMAC. Designed for high-speed read, write and erase performance, the M222 is suitable for high density, local data storage applications such as detailed tactical area maps, large databases, compressed storage of radar or sonar images and software programmable radio ELINT data or other graphics. An optimized Aitech Flash Memory Manager (FMM) software package is optionally available and automatically treats the Flash memory as the system’s disk drive under the operating system to provide real-time operating system (RTOS) support.

11 Sep 07. Raytheon Company delivered its non-lethal Active Denial System 2 to the U.S. Air Force Aug. 31. Raytheon’s Active Denial System is designed to use millimeter wave technology to repel individuals without causing

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