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17 May 04. Radstone Technology announced the rugged GBX16 Gigabit Ethernet Switch card which represents a significant step forward in quality of service, performance and flexibility. Evaluation samples are available immediately. Radstone Technology is the world’s leading independent supplier of rugged, high-performance, embedded computer products for defense and aerospace applications.
The high performance VME form factor GBX16 Gigabit Ethernet switch provides sixteen 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ports. It incorporates advanced management software allowing guaranteed bandwidth on a per port or per VLAN basis. Port aggregation allows multiple ports to act as a single trunk, or provides redundant ports for reliability within a network.

May 04. Dy 4 Systems has announced the PMC-106 symmetric multiprocessing dual PowerPC 7447 processor PMC board. The PMC-106 addresses the growing need for standards-based processing modules that fit into small spaces. The PMC-106 comes equipped with one or two Altivec-enabled Motorola MPC7447 processors operating at up to 1 GHz, each with 64 Kbytes of L1 cache, and 512 Kbytes of internal L2 cache. The dual-processor version can support operating systems, such as Linux, that provide symmetric multiprocessing. The PMC-106 provides 256 Mbytes of double-data rate (DDR) SDRAM, providing 2 Gbytes/s of peak memory bandwidth. This memory incorporates error checking and correcting (ECC) circuitry for applications demanding extremely high reliability. A 64-bit, 133MHz PCI-X interface offers more than 1Gbyte/s (peak) transfer rate between the PMC and the host card. The PMC-106 supports a Gigabit Ethernet interface enabling high-performance networking with the newest generation of systems. The interface is backwards compatible with both 10Mbits/s and 100Mbits/s Ethernet networks, and automatically adapts to the required speed.

18 May 04. SBS Technologies, Inc introduced a new 3U CompactPCI Conduction Cooled Single Board Computer to its line of Intel(R) processor-based products. This new SBS single slot CR3 computer is ideal for industrial and military applications, process control and other embedded/OEM systems that operate in harsh environments. The 3U conduction cooled CR3 uses an Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Intel(R) Celeron(R) processor. The ULV Celeron Processor operates with a core clock speed of 650 MHz, meeting performance needs of the CR3 while offering the benefit of low power consumption, using only +1.1V when operating at 650 MHz. Built for harsh and demanding operating locations, the CR3 has extended shock and vibration tolerances and contains an on-board temperature sensor to monitor operation within a wide temperature range of -40 degrees/+85 degrees C

07 May 04. Glasgow-based Intense is now fabricating chips that integrate up to a 100 or more multi-function optical components on a single die. This integration success demonstrates the high yields that can be achieved with Intense’s unique QWI process. The breakthrough provides a platform for the reliable fabrication of optical chips that deliver major cost and size reductions in applications such as optical networking, printing and defence. Intense’s QWI process achieves reliable yields when fabricating multiple optical functions onto a chip, because, unlike regrowth-based compound semiconductor processes, it fabricates all the component elements in a single stage. This makes it possible for OEMs to conceive system architectures based on new highly-integrated optical components that achieve much more than today’s state-of-the-art, such as laser-and-modulator combinations.

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