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04 Jun 07. DRS Technologies’s business unit based in Merrimack, New Hampshire, DRS Codem Systems, Inc., successfully demonstrated their X-band Satellite Communications-On-The-Move (COTM) capabilities with an XTAR, LLC satellite during the U.S. Navy’s annual exercise, Trident Warrior. The demonstration occurred aboard the Department of Defense’s Office of Force Transformation’s experimental naval craft, the Stiletto, while moving at speeds exceeding 40 knots off the coast of Virginia. DRS Codem Systems is an industry leader in providing on-the-move satellite communications and innovative surveillance solutions to U.S. and international military forces. Its participation with XTAR in this year’s Trident Warrior supported the naval exercise’s objective of testing new technologies that could improve communication and situational awareness, and speed vital information to warfighters. “The U.S. Navy’s future FORCEnet capabilities will require that the operators of small patrol vessels have command, control and communications capabilities to immediately inform and apprise their commanders of their latest intelligence and situational awareness,” said Alan R. Dietrich, president of DRS’ Intelligence Technologies Strategic Business Unit. “This successful demonstration at sea is proof of the company’s commitment to remain an industry leader in Satellite COTM capabilities. It is especially important that it was accomplished via the X-band frequency, since the five satellites that will comprise the future Wideband Global Satellite constellation will provide both spot beam and worldwide X-band coverage.” The successful demonstration provided high data rate (3Mbps) Beyond Line-Of-Sight and “reach back” capabilities utilizing DRS’s 85-pound X-band COTM terminal and the XTAR-LANT satellite. The DRS-XTAR solution enabled video from the experimental boat’s electro-optical system and Craft Integrated Electronic Suite to be relayed live to the U.S. Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California. (Source: ASD Network)

07 Jun 07. Raytheon Systems Limited (RSL) is trialling and developing the British Army’s Joint Effects Tactical Targeting System (JETTS) programme at the UK Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration 2007 (CWID 07). JETTS is an important element of the UK MoD’s Network Enabled Capability (NEC) initiative and the digitization of UK Forces. NEC emphasises the integration of capabilities to allow the rapid and controlled delivery of precise military effect. The aim is to improve the operational capability in the battlespace by enhancing the combat effects of tempo, simultaneity, surprise, tactical agility, lethality and survivability, all whilst reducing fratricide.
JETTS will provide the electronic toolset for staff at Headquarters level, for the management, co-ordination, integration and synchronisation of joint fire and indirect fire delivery assets. This sophisticated software programme will allow the delivery of Joint Indirect Effects to be achieved safely and accurately with increased efficiency and effectiveness, allowing the Land Component Commander’s (LCC) scheme of manoeuvre to be met with war winning improvements.
During an incremental acquisition process, JETTS will provide the capability to:
Work collaboratively within and between HQs; Analyse targeting intelligence and surveillance information; Analyse and select the best asset to achieve the desired effect; Coordinate and de-conflict in order to avoid fratricide or collateral damage; Allocate and prioritise effects tasks to the Fire Control BISA or other Effects control systems (such as the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force Command and Control systems) for execution.

08 Jun 07. Thales supports CWID 07. Although Thales UK has been participating in the annual CWID trials since 2002, this is a particularly important year for us. In 2007, for the first time, three of o

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