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12 Feb 07. Teraflops chip points to future. The chip is the size of a fingernail. 11 years ago…A chip with 80 processing cores and capable of more than a trillion calculations per second (teraflops) has been unveiled by Intel. The Teraflops chip is not a commercial release but could point the way to more powerful processors, said the firm. The chip achieves performance on a piece of silicon no bigger than a fingernail that 11 years ago required a machine with 10,000 chips inside it. The challenge is to find a way to program the many cores simultaneously. Current desktop machines have up to four separate cores, while the Cell processor inside the PlayStation 3 has eight (seven of them useable). Each core is effectively a programmable chip in its own right. But to take advantage of the extra processing power, programmers need to gives instructions to each core that work in parallel with one another. There are already specialist chips with multiple cores – such as those used in router hardware and graphics cards – but Dr Mark Bull, at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, said multi-core chips were forcing a sea-change in the programming of desktop applications. (Source: BBC)

12 Feb 07. Inmedius, Inc. has been officially certified and registered as compliant with the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2000. ISO 9001 is the most commonly used international standard that provides a framework for Quality Management Systems. The standard is used to assure that a product has been produced in the most efficient and effective manner possible; certifying that consistent business processes are being applied. Certification is granted to organizations that demonstrate their ability to consistently fulfill customers’ quality requirements and applicable regulatory requirements. (Source: ASD Network)

Feb 07. Hermetic SMT MMIC components are ideal for high-rel applications
Now available from RF and microwave component specialist Link Microtek is a family of MMIC components manufactured by Hittite Microwave Corporation and supplied in LH5 leadless hermetic SMT packages, making them ideal for use in
high-reliability applications in the space, industrial and military sectors.
The HMC441LH5 is a 7 to 15.5GHz GaAs MMIC medium-power amplifier providing 15dB gain and +21.5dBm of saturated power at 25% PAE. This 50 ohm matched amplifier requires no external components, and the internally DC blocked RF I/Os make it an ideal linear gain block or driver amplifier. For upconverter and downconverter applications from 7 to 14GHz, the HMC141LH5 is a passive double-balanced mixer featuring LO-to-RF and LO-to-IF isolations of 35dB, IF bandwidth of DC to 2GHz, and input IP3 of +23dBm. The HMC424LH5 6-bit GaAs MMIC digital attenuator covers the frequency range from DC to 13GHz and provides monotonic attenuation from 0.5 to 31.5dB, in 0.5dB steps. This device requires a single control line per bit and offers excellent attenuation accuracy of +/- 0.3dB. The HMC344LH5 is a non-reflective GaAs MMIC SP4T switch featuring 42dB isolation and 1.8dB insertion loss. It operates over the frequency range DC to 12GHz, and its integrated decoder requires only two control lines.
Screening to MIL-PRF-38535 (Class B or Class S) is available on all of the products.

15 Feb 07. Raytheon Company is ready to deliver the Navy Multiband Terminal satellite communication system to the U.S. Navy for formal tests to begin later this week. NMT is a system of submarine, shore-based and shipboard communications terminals for the transformational SATCOM component of the U.S. Navy’s FORCEnet concept.

13 Feb 07. Aonix®, the provider of the PERC VM product line for embedded targets, announced the first commercial release of its new PERC Pico technology. PERC Pico is the first development environment for Java developers truly geared toward the creation of resource-constrained and

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