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21 Apr 04. Lockheed Martin has completed factory testing of the optical benches for the Airborne Laser’s Beam Control/Fire Control (BC/FC) system. The Airborne Laser (ABL) is the first megawatt-class laser weapon system to be carried on a specially configured 747-400F aircraft, designed to autonomously detect, track and destroy hostile ballistic missiles. The Beam Control/Fire Control system will accurately point, focus and fire the laser to provide sufficient energy to destroy the missile while it is still in the highly vulnerable boost phase of flight — before separation of its warheads. The ABL program is managed by the Missile Defense Agency and is executed by the U.S. Air Force from Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, N.M.

21 Apr 04. Concurrent’s Integrated Solutions Division announces ImaGen visual servers for high-performance, COTS image generation. ImaGen offers imaging solutions for simulation and training and other demanding applications in a range of industries, including Automotive, Energy, Government & Homeland Security, Medical and others.

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