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Paradigm employs 250 people and is the service provider for the Skynet 5 contract
with the UK Ministry of Defence, signed in October 2003, valued at £3.6bn. Under the contract, Paradigm is responsible for the provision of worldwide beyond-line–of-sight communications services to UK Armed Forces up to 2020.

In support of its Commercial Strategy of forging closer links with key small and medium suppliers, Paradigm has signed the first of its new-style Framework Agreements with Vocality International, which is in its 12th year of developing routers and multiplexers for use in mission critical satellite communications networks. Vocality International, whose head office is based in Surrey in the UK, design and manufacture a range of scalable COTS (commercial off the shelf) voice and data products for use in the hub ground locations and remote sites where reliability and ease of use are critical requirements.

The Agreement, signed in May 2007, is the first of a number of such Agreements that Paradigm plans to negotiate and sign with key suppliers of equipment and support for their Skynet 5 services. Paradigm and Vocality have worked closely together over a number of years, developing a relationship of trust and flexibility, which works well for both Companies. The new Agreement guarantees Vocality greater stability of demand from an increasingly prominent member of the satellite service industry. The new Framework Agreement ensures that Paradigm continues to receive high quality service and support from Vocality, Paradigm’s main supplier of muxes and routers for the Welfare and Synergy communications services provided to the MOD in operational theatres.

A senior Paradigm Manager said: “The Vocality V200 has become a central hub component to the Paradigm Services Limited (PSL) network. This supports numerous landline and satcom networks, providing its unique mix of services, combined with special capabilities, which make wide area networking more efficient or reliable when operating over limited satellite bandwidth or high latency links.

The Vocality V200 multiplexer platform offers unrivalled flexibility through its wide range of options, and also includes an integrated IP router, which is currently interfacing into the PAN network. With unparalleled support for serial/IP cryptos, serial data channels, telephony and link error and latency optimised IP, the Vocality V200 is now becoming the natural choice for mobile and fixed satellite networks within the PSL network and features in almost all our current designs.

Vocality have provided specific tailored training courses and offered excellent support (onsite and telephone) in order to achieve the hub network as designed and built by PSL.”

The benefits of operating under a Framework Agreement as opposed to using standard purchasing arrangements are already being felt on both sides. Paradigm now has stability of supply for important items of equipment as well as the opportunity to provide long-term support to one of its key suppliers enhancing Vocality’s profile and reputation and guaranteeing survivability and reciprocal support in the future. Together with access to cutting edge technologies and inventions, Paradigm also benefits from a volume pricing structure which would not be achievable on multiple individual sales. With the Framework Agreement reinforcing its position as a key Paradigm SME supplier, Vocality is pleased to be linked more securely to the Paradigm brand and the success of this groundbreaking PFI for the provision of military satellites. With this, comes access to larger markets and new Customers. The long-term commitment to work together and the positive attitude of both Parties will ensure improved value for money for Customers.

In signing the Framework Agreement, Vocality have committed to operate within Paradigm’s Codes of Best Practice, which revolve around their progres

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