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Nov 03. The FIA has announced that biodiesel used in a blend of mineral and biodiesel is now a legitimate fuel for motorsport. Biodiesel acts as an oxygenator and (especially when used in a blend) can increase performance and fuel efficiency; up to 5% better efficiency can be achieved by allowing up to 5% of biodiesel, a point which will be noted with interest by Supacat HMT Director the Duke of Hamilton who currently holds the World Diesel Car speed record!. This could have significant consequences for diesel usage for military purposes, given that the U.S. estimate for cost per gallon in Iraq was $700 per gallon. The addition of biodiesel also improves lubrication. Biodiesel is manufactured using cooking oils, also used by the military in large quantities, which can be easily recycled. Emissions of greenhouse gases are cut by 55% as are Nitrogen oxide emissions. It is less toxic than table salt, less irritating to the kin than soap and the flash point is approximately 1501 Celsius, around 100 degrees higher than that of ordinary fossil diesel.

In another development, Concawe, the oil industry research body, has published a report which casts doubts over the advantages of sulphur free fuels. The report says cutting sulphur produces virtually no emission benefits in most modern vehicles. EU air strategy says removing sulphur from fuels should make catalytic converters work better by cutting nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particle emissions of pollutants. Concawe tested four engines, two at Euro 3 and two at Euro 4 standards. The tests revealed little or no emission related sensitivity to fuel sulphur content for NOx, hydrocarbons or carbon monoxide.

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