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24 Mar 06. The Danish Army Materiel Command has entered into an agreement with the Danish companies Terma A/S and Systematic Engineering A/S on the delivery of a new “architecture” for the Army’s communication systems.

It is a framework agreement including the set-up of a system architecture for the Danish Army’s Network-based Operations/Command, Control, and Information Systems (NBO/CIS).

The Army is currently in a transformation process. This includes systems which facilitate the communication across several nations’ armed forces, between various services in the armed forces and between units within the Army. The generic term used to describe the new challenge is NBO, i.e. Network-Based Operations.

The agreement is the first step in a cooperation which will define the overall framework for all future communication and information systems in the Army. In addition, the agreement is also part of the integration of the joint armed forces’ capability to carry through network-based operations, says Major General Henrik Dam, the Danish Army Materiel Command.

In January this year, Denmark’s two leading defense companies, Systematic and Terma entered into a cooperative agreement with the purpose of making a joint offer to the Danish Army. This has led to the establishment of the current framework agreement which will form the basis of the cooperation with the Danish Army Materiel Command.

With the Danish market as a platform, Terma and Systematic will offer their capabilities within NBO to other nations’ armed forces.

The Western countries’ armed forces are expected to increasingly involve themselves in international operations. In these situations, efficient and secure communication between various nations’ armed forces is crucial, and thus an interesting potential within NBO systems has been formed. This potential includes both Danish and foreign markets, including a number of the new Eastern European NATO and EU countries.

The framework agreement between the Danish Army Materiel Command and Terma/Systematic is part of a materiel project, including the acquisition of communication and information systems for the Army. The project reflects the armed forces’ increased participation in the international operations where the demand for systems capable of facilitating network-based operations is particularly felt.

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