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28 Oct 03. Taking place In Brussels from 2nd – 4th December 2003, is Europe’s Largest NCW and Transformation event: Network Transformation 2003.

This new industry initiative, tackling head-on the practical challenges of implementing a networked force, was born at the Battlespace Information conference back in March this year. Over 200 of the world’s most influential practitioners and visionaries in this field gathered, and it was soon clear that taking advantage of information age technologies, and delivering a network-based capability, requires across-the-board changes to the way a military operation is conducted, equipped and manned. Thus came a clear demand for a further, dedicated gathering in order to properly accommodate the spectrum of issues that accompany this technological imperative.

Network-enabled technologies now offer the opportunity to leverage information superiority by delivering crucial knowledge to widely dispersed forces, having a well-informed force is not enough to achieve lasting war fighting advantage. Enabling forces to act rapidly, precisely and decisively on their knowledge, necessitates changes to the way a military operation is planned, rehearsed, equipped and manned, and therefore requires coordinated changes to military structures, doctrines and processes.

Network Transformation addresses that need to progress down the transformation road, and to reap the benefits of implementing a network-enabled force. There is now a conference in Europe that shows real results from networking technologies used in recent operations and experimentation alongside an examination of the doctrinal, organisational and procedural changes that are taking place to support development

Key highlights of the conference will include Admiral Edmund Giambastiani addressing the conference on the Transformation of NATO and the roles and capabilities of the alliance evolving in the 21st Century. John Garstka, of The Office OF Force Transformation will be leading an international focus day, looking at how international military forces are developing concepts and experimentation to take advantage of this technological imperative. Other keynote speakers include: Major General Dave Deptula, Director, Plans and Programs, US AIR FORCE AIR COMBAT COMAND; Rear Admiral Thierry Bonne, Director, Information Systems, FRENCH NAVY; Rear Admiral Mario Rino Me, Deputy Director, Plans and Programmes, THE JOINT STAFF ITALY; Brigadier General Jimmy Khoo, Future Forces Architect, MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, SINGAPORE.

The 35 international military experts and authorities who will be sharing their expertise on transformation issues will demonstrate real results from operational experience and experimentation, alongside an exploration of the necessary changes to doctrine, process, manning, structure and training. The programme, developed directly with senior military from around the globe, covers the most pressing issues, which include:

* Dealing with the heterogeneous nature of technology insertion
* Tackling bandwidth issues in networked environments
* Identifying key considerations to reduce incidents of fratricide
* Examining approaches to mission planning, rehearsal and execution
* Enabling Effects-Based Operations through networked operations
* Assessing why net-centric peacekeeping is more challenging than net-centric warfare
* Challenging whether the reliance on technology was overstated in Operation Iraqi Freedom
* Considering the implications for joint and coalition interoperability
* Scrutinising the challenges of commanding a networked force

In recognition of the challenges posed by networked operations in coalition environments, confirmed participants already include The Joint Staff, Italy – US Air Force Air Combat Command – Ministry Of Defence Singapore – French Navy – British Army – Royal Netherlands Army – DGD&D British Army – FO

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