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By Julian Nettlefold, Editor, BATTLESPACE

28 Jun 07. BATTLESPACE Editor saw Derek Hill, Business Development Manager for Multipart Defence at DVD. Derek told the Editor that Multipart was positioning itself to bid for the SUV IPT Spares and Support Project, previously called Project Macer, now named ‘B’ Vehicles Support Project (BVSP). Multipart said they are also in preliminary discussions with a number of OEM’s concerning future spares logistics and also potential partners, should the defined scope require a collaborative approach. Multipart, formerly Lex Multipart, was purchased from Aviva plc by Imperial Holdings of South Africa and continues to supply the ALC Consortium with logistics management support. Imperial Holdings is a market leader in the logistics and mobility sectors in Europe and South Africa. Imperial has an annual multi-billion pound turnover and employs 34,000 people.

Multipart is a service partner in total aftermarket logistics and product support services throughout the UK and Europe, providing unrivalled experience, expertise and capability across the whole spectrum of logistics activity. Significantly enhancing customers’ business performance through effective management of the supply chain, Multipart has three sector-focused divisions:

Multipart Defence, providing a range of services to support the vehicle fleet and logistics requirements of the British Armed Forces around the world. Multipart Supply Chain Solutions, providing specialist logistics solutions to the automotive and non-automotive sectors. Multipart Fleetserve, providing specialist supply chain and stores management solutions to critical fleet operators in the public transport and on-airfield support sectors.

Multipart Defence has supplied spares to the MoD since 1919, making MoD both one of its oldest and most important clients. The division was formed in 1997 to focus Multipart’s inventory management and logistics expertise on the strategic goals and demanding challenges faced by today’s Armed Forces, under continual pressure to achieve more with less.

Working alongside the evolving MoD support organisation, from agencies such as ESPPA, through the Defence Logistics Organisation and now the newly formed Defence Equipment and Support(DE&S), Multipart Defence provides best practice solutions that improve the readiness and availability of equipment, while reducing repair times and inventory holdings.

The company’s continuing success in supporting the MoD is shown through its involvement in groundbreaking and innovative support contracts such as CRISP, TRADERS, GSIPT and C Vehicles. Under CRISP – the Challenger 2 Innovative Spares Provision, where Multipart Defence is a sub-contractor to BAES Land Systems – the company has provided highly specialised spares logistics support for battle-winning equipment since 2001. Defining a benchmark against which other contractor logistics support contracts are judged, CRISP has proved both the feasibility of the CLS concept, and Multipart Defence’s exceptional capability to deliver.

As well as providing a solid foundation from which to launch the nascent Armoured Vehicle Support Initiative (AVSi) programme, CRISP showed the way in developing the spares support element of the C Vehicles Capability contract, which Multipart Defence provides as sub-contractor to ALC. C Vehicles has provided a whole new range of challenges and opportunities for Multipart Defence, and further proved the CLS concept in supporting operational equipment in theatre on 24/7/365 basis; in a way that has doubtless influenced the direction taken BVSP.

With almost 90 years experience of supplying B Vehicle spares to MoD, Multipart Defence certainly know the ABCs of Military Vehicle Support.

Multipart Defence’s offices are based in Multipart’s new 256,000 sq.ft. HQ and Distribution Centre in Chorley, though Defence operations take p

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