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03 Mar 14. The U.S. Navy has successfully tested improved networking that increase the capability of Tomahawk Block IV cruise missiles to change targets in mid-flight. During a February 19 flight test, “a Raytheon-built Tomahawk Block IV missile, launched from the USS Sterett, flew a preprogrammed route while receiving updates from a simulated maritime operations center and from advanced off-board sensors updating the missile’s target location,” said a Raytheon news release. “Throughout the flight, the missile maintained communications with all the command and control assets and provided updates on its location before hitting the target.” The Block IV Tomahawk includes a two-way satellite data-link that enables the missile to be redirected in mid-flight. Raytheon delivered the 300th Block IV to the Navy last January. “Tomahawk’s long range gives our commanders increased flexibility in theatre,” said Capt. Joe Mauser, the Navy’s Tomahawk program manager. “When our ships and submarines are within 100 miles of a coastline, Tomahawks can fly deep inland and strike from a direction the enemy might not suspect.” (Source: C4ISR & Networks)

05 Mar 14. Reload Swiss RS – the new line of high-performance powder debuts at “IWA&Outdoor classics 2014” Reload Swiss RS, the brand name of Nitrochemie Wimmis AG’s new line of high- performance powder, debuts at the international trade show “IWA&Outdoor Classics 2014” in Nuremberg, Germany. From Friday, 7 March 2014 to Monday, 10 March 2014, the Reload Swiss RS team will be on hand at Stand 325 in Hall 7 to present the company and its products. Sport shooters and hunters who demand the utmost precision prefer to load their own ammunition. Here, having the right powder is vital. Consistent quality coupled with even combustion properties enables excellent accuracy in all weather conditions. Reload Swiss RS offers just the right propellant for do-it-yourself ammunition loading, with three types of pistol powder and seven rifle powders now available. This means Reload Swiss RS meets the needs of all disciplines and potential applications for pistols and rifles. And a number of new products, among them a new pistol powder, are also under development. Nitrochemie Wimmis AG, a Swiss company specializing in propellant powders, is a joint venture of Rheinmetall and RUAG. Flowing into the development and production of Reload Swiss RS powder is the longstanding experience of Nitrochemie Wimmis AG, which for nearly a century has enjoyed a global reputation for first-rate propellants. Meticulous quality control at every stage from sourcing to production to packaging ensures consistent product excellence capable of meeting the most demanding expectations. The state-of-the-art production plant adheres to the highest standards for protecting people and the environment. Moreover, the development, ballistic and other test facilities assure an optimum, consistent level of quality. This all results in an excellent value for money with superb accuracy An efficient sales network throughout Europe assures a reliable, convenient source of supply. Reload Swiss RS products have already won over a number of leading international competitive sport shooters. Among the most successful Reload Swiss RS users are Swiss IPSC champions Dominic Meier and Christine Burkhalter. Nitrochemie and its sales partners are constantly available to customers, enabling them to exchange loading information, tips and experience, resulting in an ever-widening Reload Swiss RS product knowledge base.

04 Mar 14. The U.S. Missile Defense Agency is evaluating a range of options for redesigning the current Raytheon Co “kill vehicle” on its ground-based missile defense interceptors, and may opt for a competition, the agency’s director said on Tuesday. Vice Admiral James Syring told reporters the fiscal 2015 budget included funding for the redesign effort, a new long-range radar, and other improvements aimed at helping the ground-based midcourse

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