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15 Aug 13. Lockheed Martin conducted a successful PAC-3 Missile flight test at White Sands Missile Range, N.M., in which PAC-3 successfully detected, tracked and intercepted an aerodynamic, threat-representative tactical ballistic missile target. The ripple fire engagement of two PAC-3 Missiles resulted in the first interceptor destroying the target. The second PAC-3 Missile was self-destructed on command as planned. Lockheed Martin recently received a $308m contract for continued production of the PAC-3 Missile for the U.S. and Kuwait. The Fiscal Year (FY13) contract includes missile and command launch system production for the U.S. Army and a first time Foreign Military Sale (FMS) of the PAC-3 Missile to Kuwait. Kuwait becomes the sixth international customer for the PAC-3 Missile. Lockheed Martin is prime contractor on the PAC-3 Missile Segment of the PATRIOT air defense system. The PAC-3 Missile is one of the world’s most advanced, capable and reliable theater air defense missiles. It defends against advanced tactical ballistic and cruise missiles, and fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. As the most technologically advanced missile for the PATRIOT air defense system, PAC-3 significantly increases the PATRIOT system’s firepower, as 16 PAC-3s can be loaded in place of only four legacy PATRIOT PAC-2 missiles on the PATRIOT launcher.

13 Aug 13. The Boeing Thin Disk Laser system, which integrates a series of high-power industrial lasers to generate one concentrated, high-energy beam, exceeded required thresholds for power and beam quality during a demonstration for the Department of Defense’s Robust Electric Laser Initiative (RELI) effort. The high-power, solid-state laser system output reached more than 30 kilowatts – nearly 30 percent more power than RELI requirements – while simultaneously measuring excellent efficiency. A high-power, solid-state, directed energy weapon can provide pinpoint accuracy to precisely destroy or disable a target with little to no collateral damage. Directed energy weapons such as the Thin Disk Laser system will provide military customers with precision targeting for a variety of tactical missions. The demonstrations were the first time the Boeing system simultaneously achieved high beam quality at high power. Combining these two factors results in a measure of brightness, and the brightness measured by the Boeing system is among the best measured to-date by anyone in the industry. Solid-state lasers are powered by electricity, making them mobile and supportable on the battlefield. The Boeing system incorporates a series of commercial, solid-state lasers that have proven to be extremely reliable while requiring low levels of support and maintenance.

12 Aug 13. New generation armour creates options for SUV market. Leading global armour specialist MTL Group is making a difference in the up armouring SUV market. Latest generation armour is being utilised to supply kits up to B7 level protection with reduced weight compared to traditional methods. Simon Hurst Sales Manager for defence at MTL Group states “utilising our SMARTbending technique, DFM and the latest generation in armour we are able to help create unique kits at significantly lower weight than previously possible. The Weight saving in some cases is can be reduced by 30% on the materials alone. Due to our SMARTbend technique we are producing easy to fit cold formed panels that would traditionally have been welded therefore reducing the number of parts and increasing the strength. MTL Group is currently working on a number of vehicle types ranging from family saloons to the more traditional Land-cruisers and high end VIP vehicles.

13 Aug 13. Indian Army successfully test launches Prithvi-II missile
The Indian Army’s strategic forces command (SFC) has successfully test launched the locally manufactured Prithvi II surface-to-surface/nuclear capable missile from the integrated test range (ITR) at Chandipur, off the Odisha coast, India.

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