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24 Jan 14. D3O, the British smart materials specialist, has been awarded funding from the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, to develop a new Shock Absorption Helmet System for soldiers to reduce Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI and mTBI). Current warfare is characterised by highly agile insurgents whose weapon of first choice is the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and there is currently no effective helmet shock absorption systems available today that offer sufficient blunt trauma protection to attenuate the impacts caused by IED blasts. Led by D3O’s Chief Knowledge Officer, Dr. Floria Antolini, D3O is responding to the immediate need to accelerate research into helmet solutions in order to mitigate unnecessary deaths and injuries our servicemen suffer from TBI. 35% of US and UK military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan wars are directly attributable to TBI from IEDs. This award from the Technology Strategy Board’s Smart programme will enable D3O to research and develop a new Shock Absorption Helmet System, featuring their patented technology, to deliver superior military Personal Protection Equipment. The project aims to reduce the severity and occurrence of mTBI/ TBI by mitigating the blunt trauma impact force caused by IED blasts. D3O’s unique patented technology is used to make a soft and flexible material with high shock absorbing properties. In standard conditions the material’s molecules flow freely, allowing the material to be soft and flexible, but on impact, lock together to dissipate the impact energy and reduce the transmitted force. Based near Brighton, East Sussex, D3O is a groundbreaking impact protection solutions company that sells and licenses a range of unique patented smart materials. Their innovative protective products were first used during the 2006 Winter Olympics in ski race suits for the US and Canadian teams. The company has grown over 300% in 3 years to become market leader in protective wear and shock absorbing materials across footwear, electronics, sport, motorcycle, industrial workwear, law enforcement and military protection. In the last 12 months, D3O has developed high performance helmet liner systems for the US team sports market including American Football and Baseball, and in October 2013, D3O developed and launched a new tactical product range called TRUST which stands for Trauma Reduction and Unrivalled Shock Technology. The TRUST collection offers head to toe protective solutions that have been engineered to provide high performance, lightweight and comfortable protection for military and law enforcement and includes an Advanced Combat Helmet shock absorbing pad system that meets the 10ft/sec requirements as well as knee pads, elbow pads, insoles and more.

23 Jan 14. US MCSC tests two variants of modular scalable vest for marines. The US Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) has tested two different variants prototypes of the modular scalable vest (MSV), aimed at providing better fitting armour solutions to meet needs for different missions. The two variants of the MSV assessed are the fighting jacket and the plate carrier (PC) with load distribution system (LDS). The fighting jacket is the sleeker and lighter when compared with the PC and has been designed for use with smaller loads, while the PC with LDS variant is bulkier than the fighting jacket and is suited for Marines carrying larger loads for a longer time. The testing aimed to get the best possible feedback from the Marines about the MSV, which, according to Marine Corps Systems Command biomedical engineer Rebecca Jaworski, regularly comes from spur-of-the-moment comments. The lighter fighting jacket was preferred by the Marines of 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) battalion, over the PC with LDS variant. To ensure marines are protected, the MCSC employee Mackie Jordan and Jaworski will apply the data collected to both variants of the MSV while aiming for optimal comfort and an acceptable weight. (Sourc

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