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25 Apr 14. Spain seeks Vendor for armoured Vehicle maintenance. The Spanish Army has released a tender for the maintenance of the Spanish Army’s BMR-600 armoured personnel carrier (APC) and VEC (cavalry scout vehicles). The Army had a failed attempt at issuing a maintenance contract in 2013 due to administrative and technical problems. The company chosen to undertake the maintenance work will be required to enter into a framework agreement for the provision of services and spare parts for a period of three years (2014-2016). The total cost of the procurement over the three years will be EUR3m. The maintenance programme would include painting, welding, metallurgy, electricity, disassembly and reassembly.
Reference: 2091114003100
Contracting Authority: Head of Economic Affairs Logistics Support Command
Bid closing date: 21 May 2015
(Source: MPI – Hawk Information)

15 Apr 14. UK armoured Vehicle procurement enters Concept Stage. The MoD has issued a prior information notice to encourage industry to participate in the concept stage for the procurement of Multi-Role Vehicle-Protected (MRVP), Non Articulated Vehicle-Protected and Future Protected Battlefield Ambulance. The start date for award procedures is scheduled for October 2016 after the selection process has ended. The MRVP requirement has existed for a few years now, initially as the operational utility vehicle systems (OUVS) but the programme was cancelled in 2011 as the MoD prioritised urgent procurements to support troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The OUVS requirement initially surfaced in 2003 when many different vehicles were considered as options to replace Land Rovers and Pinzgauers. Leading contenders were General Dynamics’s Eagle IV and DURO IIIP, variants of the Iveco “Lince” LMV, the G wagon from Mercedes, the Sherpa from Renault and Thales Australia’s Copperhead, which is the Single Cab Bushmaster Utility variant. As a final addition, the Navistar MXT (Husky) was also shortlisted for OUVS. The exact scope of the current requirement is not clear but the OUVS requirement had called for 8500 vehicles. (Source: MPI – Hawk Information)

28 Apr 14. General Dynamics UK has received confirmation from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) that the Base Platform Critical Design Review (CDR) for the Protected Mobility Recce Support (PMRS) variant, as part of the SCOUT Specialist Vehicle (SV) programme, has been completed. The Base Platform CDR for the PMRS variant is the first variant-specific CDR for the SCOUT SV programme to be held. It is an important marker as General Dynamics UK’s progresses towards the delivery of the first PMRS variant pre-production prototype in 2014. The review covered the PMRS system architecture, including the physical architecture and software; its sub-systems, such as the running gear, suspension, auto controls and propulsion; and PMRS specific design interfaces, including for the vehicle’s electronic architecture, C4I equipment, towing and storage. The Base Platform CDR for the PMRS variant confirmed the PMRS’ mine and ballistic survivability design, following an extensive test regime. It also verified the human factors design, which included a full assessment of the ease of entry and exit from the vehicle and the positioning and user-friendliness of onboard systems. This review precedes the overarching CDR for the PMRS variant, which will occur later this year, to establish the final design of the variant for future production.
Kevin Connell, vice president at General Dynamics UK – Land Systems, said, “This is a significant milestone in the SCOUT SV programme as we move closer towards the delivery of the first PMRS pre-production prototype later this year. This successful Base Platform CDR for the PMRS variant shows we are well on our way to delivering a best-in-clas

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