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13 Mar 14. The Service de Santé Armée (SSA), the French Defence Health Service, is to receive three more ruggedized, deployable CT Scanners. The contract placed on Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group by the NATO Support Agency (NSPA) is a follow on contract from one placed by NAMSA – the forerunner to NSPA – on behalf of the French Ministry of Defence in 2012 with the system now successfully delivered and in service. SSA, which includes both medical and administrative staff, provides medical and environmental health support to the French Armed Forces and other organisations managed by the French Ministry of Defence. The Service will be using the CT Scanners to support France’s military operations globally. As the prime contractor Marshall ADG has brought together the latest Philips Healthcare CT Scanner and integrated it into a Marshall expandable shelter to provide a highly mobile solution which can be scanning the first patient within four hours of arrival at the deployed location. Core to this ability is the design of the system which does not require certification each time it is moved as the main scanner unit (Gantry) does not move during transit. During the design process risks were identified and mitigated to ensure that the user has a robust and reliable system. The unit is designed around a standard ISO container and can be easily moved through both military and civilian logistics system. The CT scanner system incorporates features normally associated with fixed hospital facilities; full radiation protection inbuilt within the shelter structure, protected operator area, full air conditioning and environmental control, and UPS back up equipment to preserve vital image data.

06 Mar 14. Turkey’s leading armored vehicles manufacturer, Otokar, has said that it won a $24.6m contract from the United Nations. In a news release March 6, Otokar said the contract was for an unspecified number of the company’s Cobra vehicles. The UN will use the Cobras in peacekeeping operations, the company said. Cobra, used by the armies of 15 different countries, is Otokar’s best known vehicle. Turkish security forces use the four-wheel-drive Cobra for reconnaissance and area control. Otokar reported 40 percent growth in 2013, with exports of $117m. The company also is the developer of the Altay, Turkey’s first indigenous, new-generation main battle tank. In 2008, Otokar signed a $500m contract with the Turkish procurement office, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, to produce four prototypes under the Altay program. (Source: Defense News)

11 Mar 14. WPI to develop cost-effective lightweight metals for US military vehicles. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is leading a $7.4m, multi-university award from the US Army that will support the development of new metallurgical methods and new lightweight alloys for the production of more effective and durable military vehicles and systems. Approximately $2.1m will be awarded to WPI through the two-year award, which is the latest instalment from a multi-year cooperative agreement with the army that earlier brought more than $4m in research funding to the university. The research conducted under the contract will focus on development of databases and computer modelling techniques that will enable prediction of nanoscale properties of lightweight alloys, primarily aluminum, titanium and magnesium, and use of the computational tools for design and testing of new alloys for specific military applications. The technologies and processes developed as part of the research are also expected to have applications in the aircraft, automotive, and electronics industries. WPI Materials Science and Engineering Program director and Army award principal investigator Mechanical Engineering George Fuller professor Richard Sis

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