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12 Dec 12. New Reset Conference for 2013. Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1 Birdcage Walk, Westminster, London SW1H 9JJ. Military vehicles: Resetting and upgrading. One-day seminar. 9 April 2013. Hilton Bristol Hotel. Further information and bookings: www.imeche.org/events/S1761. Resetting and upgrading is a cost-effective solution to regenerating military vehicle stock. Many vehicles are operating beyond their original design parameters as a result of carrying extra armour and heavy usage. This accelerates mechanical fatigue and compromises the structural integrity and safe operation of the vehicles. This one-day seminar will bring together the defence industry involved in resets and upgrades and the MoD to discuss the latest resets/upgrades, and the challenges and solutions in these important on-going projects.

13 Dec 12. Horstman Systems Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of HW Machinery Limited, a UK Corporation has purchased the assets and intellectual property of the Suspension and Vetronics product line from L-3 Communications Electronic Systems Inc. in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The acquisition includes the Intellectual Property together with the engineering and design team for the Suspension and Vetronics Product line. HW Machinery, is the owner of Horstman Inc (US) and Horstman Defence Systems Limited ( UK) which is a world leader in military and specialty vehicle suspension systems. With the confirmation of the Canadian Controlled Goods registration; the newly formed company, Horstman Systems Inc. located in Toronto will become the Center of Excellence for the acquired suspension product line which includes Scalable Suspension, Electronically Controlled Active Suspension (ECASS) and other technologies. This business will be integrated into Horstman’s expanding organization which is a global leader in advanced suspension and other automotive solutions for military and specialty vehicles. Horstman is the world leading designer and developer of military vehicle suspension systems and a key supplier of subsystems and components to the defense industry. Horstman recently announced it will provide the suspension for the GDLS GCV Technology Demonstrator contract. Horstman also supply the running gear system on the M777 Towed Gun, the AMV 8×8, the K9/K10 Field Artillery System, SPz Puma (Germany) Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Terrier® combat engineering vehicle and the Paladin PIM in addition to upgrades and retrofits worldwide for a wide range of military vehicles. The addition of Scalable Suspension, Electronically Controlled Active Suspension (ECASS) and other technologies will enable Horstman to offer an unequaled range of solutions to a broader range of customers, particularly in the Tactical Vehicle segment. The existing team is working with Horstman to ensure a quick and seamless transition. Horstman Systems Inc. has leased space from L-3 Electronic Systems Inc in Toronto, ON to ensure continuity of operation until the new Horstman Systems Inc. facility is established in early 2013.

13 Dec 12. Victoria’s defence industry capabilities have been boosted with the opening of Supacat’s new facility in Port Melbourne, by the Minister for Defence Materiel Jason Clare. It is the first international operation for Supacat, whose special operations vehicles are used by the Australian Defence Force and other elite land forces around the world. The Australian Army has used Supacat’s High Mobility Transporter (HMT), a light to medium load carrier, since 2009. Known as the Nary, the HMT was specially designed for off-road use by Special Forces. A prototype of the next generation HMT Extenda will soon be delivered by Supacat to the ADF for evaluation, under JP2097 Phase 1B. Supacat’s new facility will provide logistics support to the existing Nary fleet as well

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